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Prayer Treatments: Lightworker’s Log

“Sharing tools and resources for conscious evolution”

Prayer Treatments: Lightworker’s Log is a blueprint for any spiritual seeker who wants a richer, healthier, more fulfilling life. The “Lightworker’s Log Book Series” documents the awakening of Lightworker SAM.

Energy surrounds us on this planet called earth. One of the ways we form this energy is by thinking. Our thoughts play a major role in what occurs in our life. Good thoughts manifest good things.

The same is true of all thought so it is vital to fill our mind with only positive thought. One way to do that is to pray. Repeating prayers helps to change our point of view and inner health. A change in how we look at things makes it possible for us to change everything, including our body. Thoughts hold much more power than ever imagined. Maintaining a positive attitude is the first step to health. Our bodies respond to thoughts so changing the way we think changes the way our body functions.

Many of these prayers helped me to change my reality, from fragmentation to wholeness, by transforming ideas and beliefs. After two years of habitually repeating treatments, envisioning an enjoyable unrestricted life, I became completely free of the thirteen medications that ruled my small world. After decades of despair, sickness, poverty, and limitation, I am now living a hopeful and joyous life of wholeness, excellent health, freedom, and prosperity. I cannot promise this for you because thoughts, I have learned, are everything. You are in total control of your own thoughts! So what do you have to lose?

The story of how these prayers made a positive difference for me lies within the “Lightworker’s Log Book Series”, specifically the third book, Lightworker’s Log 🙂 Transformation

Energy surrounds us on this planet called earth. We form this energy with emotion and thought. Our feelings create thoughts, which play a major role in what occurs in our life. Good thoughts manifest good things.

Prayer Treatment Podcasts are from the book Prayer Treatments: Lightworker’s Log. They help to train your mind to think more positively. I chose to repeat many of them every day, some like the World Healing Meditation for several years. Saying it always made me feel good. I am sure it not only makes a difference in how we see the world but helps to manifest a peaceful world as well.

Please be aware that you support the author most by purchasing books directly from her, which cuts out the middle man and increasing costs to publish books. For comments, questions, donations or book purchases please connect with the author, visit the Contact Page.

Order the book from the author along with a nine-track “True Vision Sample CD” that includes: The World Healing Meditation,Successful Use of Spiritual Mind Treatments,Perfect Physical Health Treatment, The Healing Song, Non-Reaction to Outside Forces Treatment, Supply Treatment, Money is Coming to Me, Fatigue Treatment, and Worthy. You may purchase the book, the CD, and shipping and handling within America for a total cost of $14. Mail your order to Rev. SAM, P.O Box 39385, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33339-9385.

“True Vision Sample CD” Musical Selection Credits:
“The Healing Song” – Words: Karyl Huntley, Daniel Barwick, Michael Sakir, Doris Jones; Music: Karen Drucker & John Hoy. “Money Is Coming To Me” – Words: Karen Drucker; Music: Karen Drucker and John Hoy. Find “The Healing Song,” “Money Is Coming To Me” and many other inspiring musical selections at KarenDrucker.com.
“Worthy” is from the CD, The Great Awakening, from Anthony Burbidge, available, in addition to more inspirational music at AnthonyBurbidge.com.

Watch the video version of the World Healing Meditation

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A Few Words About The “Lightworker’s Log Book Series”

Many people are realizing that life on earth is not all it appears to be. As some people, Sharon became more aware of this fact upon the transition of her first child.

Four years later in 2008, she was guided to begin publishing books to help humanity return to Oneness. The “Lightworker’s Log Book Series” unfolds as Sharon reveals each step of her way to spiritual awakening. Each book in the series relates not only her 3-D experience but interactions with higher states of reality, 3-D, 4-D, 5-D and beyond. This multi-dimensionality is something many people now experience at increasing rates. If you are beginning to realize there is more to life than you thought, if you are already awakened and well on your path, this series offers verification, inspiration and timely tips to help you move though the Matrix to FREEDOM from limitation.

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Moving Through Chaos

“As one moves through these times it is important to remember you are a spirit in human form. It is time to bear witness to the falsities of the 3-D world. During these next few months as things ripen to a peak of chaos, you shall bear witness to these falsities as the 3-D earth finally moves forward in consciousness. This consciousness is more in tune with Gaia as she too steps up, so to speak, matching the vibration more closely in tune with other planets immersed in the Oneness of All.

“These next few months will be cumbersome at best. Those who have prepared, in mind, in physicality, shall move through the process more gracefully. Those not yet awakened will be immersed fully in the chaos and not prepared for what is to come. Remember, this is an experience in the mind of humanity, of which all souls on earth agreed to. Moving though these levels, these states of consciousness, one shall find many (people) who are not in tune with their own states of awareness. Allow these precious souls to come to their own conclusions, through their own experiences, and judge them not, for recall each soul has chosen to experience uniquely on this earth. Each experience and each expression of each soul holds a unique signature of a unique soul, having a unique experience in its own small mind, if you will, for lack of a better word.

“During these next few months, before your Summer months arrive, the consciousness on earth shall shift to be more in tune with the Christ Consciousness it is headed for fully. Know, again, not all souls have agreed to awaken to this Christ Consciousness or move into this Christ Consciousness. Albeit, few will move toward this consciousness with the knowledge they are a conscious, sentinel being. As these days and months unfold on your earth, remember, judge not lest ye too fall sway to the separation many souls have chosen to experience.

“We are the White Winged Consciousness of Nine and we wish all to know assistance from your own higher self is but a whisper away in your own small mind of one.”

Experiences of good often increase when we concentrate on inspirational thoughts. E-mail comments and questions at Comments and visit SAM I AM Productions to support your Self as we collectively move through these chaotic times. Loving You!

Expanding LIGHT!


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Experiences of good often increase when we concentrate on inspirational thoughts. Comments, questions and suggestions welcome at the Contact Page. Support your Self by purchasing an inspiring bedside companion from the Book Of One 🙂 Lightworker’s Log series! Visit SAM I AM Productions Books to support your Self and the author by purchasing books there and not through greedy corporations. Loving You!

Catastrophic Events And Radiating Light

“We Are the Lemurian Council of Twelve and we wish to report on the earth changes around you. The earth changes in your world, on your earth, are immense at this time as catastrophic events continue to occur. Gridkeepers, gatekeepers, starseeds and those that know continue to hold the grid in place. The grid continues to radiate the Light of One as each gridkeeper, gatekeeper, lightworker, wayshower, starseed and all others holding that Light of One continue to hold their position within the grid. This grid is filled and ready.

“Let nothing dissuade you from the truth that this New Earth is yours to create new beginnings for all of humanity. We leave you now with this short message knowing that all that holding the Light of One will continue to do so as their soul leads the way.”


Comments, questions and suggestions welcome at https://samiamproductions.com/wp/about-2/contact/. Visit SAM I AM Productions to support your Self or loved ones. Loving You!

Lightbody Holding And Building

“We are with you now as you move through these changes. The progress is steady and smooth for some and not so steady and smooth for others. The earth changes rapidly and along with these changes the human psyche, consciousness, changes as well. Knowing all is one, knowing all is, after all, illusion in your mind of one, the small one, it is still of the utmost importance to continue the practices of holding and building the lightbody. These practices are much more easily done when one is with ones self rather than in groups of uninformed people.

“Each human has chosen its path carefully as a soul and now is the time that many souls step away from their families, from the group consciousness in which they were raised and believed to be true, to move into their own state of increasing awareness of the Oneness of all life. This Oneness is not an illusion. This Oneness is of All That Is and ever will be, and this Oneness does not change. As the human form takes on more of the attributes of the lightbody, it becomes necessary to achieve awareness of this Oneness.

“This Oneness will help all as moving through these changes progresses more smoothly and fluidly for those that know the truth. Ye are gods in human form and that human form continues to change at a steady rate with these waves of consciousness entering the earth’s atmosphere. This step towards Oneness is a necessary process to move though the bodily changes fluidly, progressing at a state unheard of on any level of awareness.

“Know that all are watched over carefully. Know that all, each form is guided. It is only in the small mind of one that chooses not to listen to the guidance received, not to believe the guidance received, that one continues to enter the field of mass chaos, which is now upon your earth. Know that all those who listen to the guidance within, all those who have honed their human body to the point where only Love and Light can enter, will continue to be guided through this process with smooth and steady progress. The Oneness of which you seek is already yours and we cannot stress enough to remain within that Oneness of the small self and within that awareness that ye are human gods in matter, now changing the course of humanity in an unheard of way.

“We are the Lemurian Council Of Twelve and we are with you always.”

Experiences of good often increase when we concentrate on inspirational thoughts. Find more channeled messages in Book of One 🙂 Volume 3 , Book of One 🙂 Volume 2, and “Book of One 🙂 Volume 1″ available through New Leaf Distributing, OR visit SAM I AM Productions to support the author by purchasing books there and not through greedy corporations. Loving You!

Speak Your Truth

“It is time to speak your truth, Gatekeepers, Gridkeepers, your specific actions help to cement the crystalline grid. Your earth changes rapidly as all unseen realms watch from afar, distant galaxies, distant planets, and yet, distance is only a state of mind. It is time to speak the truth of the Law of One. In coming days, all shall become more aware of this Oneness as your world yet again experiences mass confusion, mass chaos. This is yet another new beginning for humanity and Mother Earth.

“The Law of One, simply stated, you are a part of one another; you are part of the Oneness of All That Is. You are part of the very consciousness that fills the air, between, within, among you. Go out and spread this word of One to all who seek it. It is time for the Law of One to be practiced once again. This is done by treating others as yourself, knowing you are each a part of the Oneness of all things.”

In my mind, I ask for a source to name, even knowing it is all illusion and every message comes from my own consciousness. If I must name a source for this message, I hear, make it Amanda.

“I am Amanda and I come to you now as part of the entity through which this channel comes. It is after all only one.”

Experiences of good often increase when we concentrate on inspirational thoughts. Find more channeled messages in Book of One 🙂 Volume 3 , Book of One 🙂 Volume 2, and “Book of One 🙂 Volume 1″ available through New Leaf Distributing, OR visit SAM I AM Productions to support the author by purchasing books there and not through greedy corporations. Loving You!

Humanities Ascension During Chaotic Energies

Beloved Soul Family,

Energies continue to be chaotic for many people. We chose as souls to experience this time of humanity’s ascension and it is up to us to move through them with as little negativity as possible while remaining in the flow of Love and Light. Going with the flow takes little effort. Ego is not very pleased to do this for it means taking a back seat to Spirit, All That Is. And yet, in these times of massive soul growth, it is the only way to BE.

Going with the natural flow means taking a back seat to the physical happenings that seem apparent. These last vestiges of old continue unabated for days to come, while newer, more loving and peaceful, energies fill earth’s atmosphere. Taking into account all that has transcribed over these past few years, one must assure themselves that going with the flow, as opposed to ‘making things happen’ serves one best. As the natural flow of Life continues to mold a better world for humanity, go with the flow. Just BE, relishing in each moment of bliss as it comes, pushing no agendas, but BEing for the sake of living life to its fullest in Truth, in Love, in the Light that your soul came to be.

Find inspiring Book Of One 🙂 podcasts and videos at Lightworkers Log and Videos. “Radiating Heart Energy” helps to increase loving frequiencies during these momentual times of increasing cosmic energy, making it easier to assimilate the constant onslaught of higher frequiencies. You may also wish to revisit earlier videos in this order:

* Sending White Light 🙂 and for older PC download (right click and “save as”) Sending White Light

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Email me if you are unable to download any of these resources and wish a copy for your own use. Also, Lightworker’s Log books are available through Lightworker’s Log Book Series and the first two books are very good at leading readers towards another viewpoint with excerpts from “A Course in Miracles” and “The Science of Mind.”

“As things quickly unfold, take all changes in stride as necessary. The throes of awakening are upon many more people than ever before and all those on the path ahead are needed to lead. Greatness lies within and calling upon the greatness of I AM serves one best. Let nothing dissuade you from the truth. Ye ARE Gods of Matter.”

Experiences of good often increase when we concentrate on inspirational thoughts. Comments, questions and suggestions welcome at theContact Page.~Support your Self by purchasing an inspiring bedside companion. Introducing Book Of One 🙂 Lightworker’s Log Volume 4!~Visit SAM I AM Productions to support your Self and the author by purchasing books there and not through greedy corporations. Loving You!

Shine on through the chaos and beyond 🙂