Employing Theosophical Concepts

Employing theosophical concepts is as simple as moving through earth life to tap into many dimensions of consciousness, sometimes simultaneously. This example of moving through several months of bedlam in broken systems shows how it’s done and offers some valuable teachings. Those who arrived here by following the link on The Theosophical Society in Miami website need know that this is a shared personal experience and it does not necessarily reflect the views nor positions of the Deerfield Beach Branch where it was presented or The Theosophical Society Of America.

There were many gifts gained from this experience. Two were those of alerting people working within broken systems of current inadequacies, and learning of the many beautiful humans well aware of this while remaining within its confines to assist other people in the best way possible.

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Unprecedented Activity Continues

EXTREMELY intense energies these past few days, still, and today we got another unprecedented one, I think (X5.8 and then MORE X flares which I verified after rising).…

“Unprecedented clearing, cleansing, and transmuting of time-worn old earth programs continues at rapid rates compliments of cosmic frequencies entering surrounding atmospheres. Heady experiences continue to be experienced by those sensitive to these energies and consciously aware of what is occurring. Humanity continues to clear these denser energies letting go of gravitational pulls, while increasing in frequency and decreasing in magnetic activity. Much galactic assistance continues with this effort to uplift humanity into higher realms of existence.

“The current timeline in which one experiences is based upon the consistent and steadfast perspective of what one holds or continues to rapidly change based upon an open mind and knowledge of the semantics within an earth time/space atmosphere. Those human beings consciously aware of what is occurring, the evolution of earth and all upon and within her, continue to experience vastly different occurrences based upon unique states of awareness.

“It is not, nor shall it ever be, for a higher frequency aspect to dwell or report upon anything of a subjective nature.

“The continuing onslaughts of cosmic frequencies complimenting the evolutionary change upon earth shall continue in an unprecedented manner for many days, weeks, and months to come. And yet it is only, as all things, another cycle in the continuing earth game. Know that as these incoming frequencies continue to steadily warp all systems and states of consciousness, the remaining systems and states of consciousness shall be vastly changed after the mass exodus of those unable to withstand these energies.

“It is with the greatest respect and honor that frequencies of a greater nature attune to and assist those with open minds ready to communicate with previously unexperienced frequencies.”

Being what seems as a human I note that as mentioned throughout the Lightworker’s Log Book Series there are many instances of documented real-time experiences of solar bursts causing a bevy of signs when they occur, and then other body changes some time later when the human body assimilates them. Later publications such as

Book Of One : – ) Volume 6


Proficient Wisdom Scratching The Surface: Lightworker’s Log

are more useful for those aware of these occurrences. One will certainly find disclosurenews.it (an Italian website) with articles by knowledgeable Dr. Shavi also most helpful.
Remember, earth life and earth itself are mere blips in the BIGGER Picture!

Do yourself a favor and try not to get wrapped up in the drama, but be aware and move through each experience remembering that what we feed helps greatly to continue its existence! I AM THAT of which it is, Perfect, Whole and Free, assimilating these frequencies with Joy and Ease! I AM Blessed by Source Light! Many more affirmations throughut the book series and especially

Book Of One : – ) Volume 4.

Rule Of The Century

EXTREMELY intense energies occurred these past few days of almost constant C, M and several X flares…
“Attuning to spiritual matter is a process which takes one out of a physical local reality to one of non-local reality where all things are known and possible in every sense of being. Knowing that one has this capability can be a heady thought if one continues to dwell within the confines of thought wrapped within a physical form. And yet, while thinking outside the box of physicality it is an unfolding, innate, natural process that allows the host of monads to further evolve into what it really is, beyond a god, beyond limitation of any name or state to merely exist within the boundless, limitless THAT of which it truly is.

“Know that in coming days, weeks, months and years on Planet Earth, more of humanity shall become open to the possibility of spiritually awakening to their own innate abilities as further falsities contrive to keep humanity locked into a state of local reality. Be assured that tapping into the non-local reality is not just a state accessible to few but available to all, and is now on the cusp of becoming the ‘rule of the century’ in that it will become natural and normal to all existing within and upon Planet Earth in future times.

“Be it known that all those not yet ready to tap into this innate wisdom will slowly relish in their own sources of local reality to further become enmeshed or leave the planet unexpectedly. It is not of any greater frequency to alarm nor cause harm, but it is with the greatest respect that we now guide those ready to tap into this innate ability.

“We are clear.”

And as my left hand shakes I know the message is complete…

The Lightworker’s Log Book Series holds a plethora of valuable insights into life on earth, channeled messages, the Author’s Experiences of higher realms and moving between dimensions, ascension tools, information on Light Activation symptoms, affirmations, and conscious living tips to move through daily life.
Book of One : – ) Volume 5: Group Consciousness Messages was published quickly to assist humanity as gross distortion increases in the field of Planet Earth. It not only offers intel but helps readers to understand the role of higher realm Group Consciousness in humanity’s ascension. Inspiring messages from groups such as the White Winged Consciousness Of Nine, Lemurian Council Of Twelve and the Galactic Federation reach people in different states of wakefulness, while relating earth and ethereal events during humanity’s ascension. SAM also shares various extraordinary experiences making this volume an excellent bedside companion. You’ll enjoy this book regardless of your state of awareness for the messages within it serve as reminders from Home, relate current events, and hint at what’s ahead for humanity. This volume holds an Index to make finding topics of interest much easier.