Clearing Energy Fields

Heightened geomagnetic activity brings a fury of energy field (torus) cleansing. As this activity continues at a rapid unprecedented pace, so too does the clearing, cleansing and transmuting of all that does not adhere to a higher state of consciousness. Everything that does not fit within the higher state of being for humanity’s next juncture in the time-space continuum is being cleared from human energy fields. Each unique energy field (torus) adjusts at its own pace, and for those just beginning to awaken to a higher state of awareness, gross abnormalities are now experienced to be recognized and cleared, allowing one to bump up in consciousness, for all aspects of Consciousness are meant to continually evolve, leaving no life atoms behind in the realm of forgetfulness.

Remember as humanity continues to move through chaos and confusion, the experiences faced assist in helping to clear all that is distorted, all that no longer fits within the Consciousness of Oneness, Love and Light. Recognize these times as opportunities to change beliefs, to choose differently and come together as a global family, unique individuals with unique abilities to change all experience and expression within and upon Mother Earth, for it is only in the recognition of non-separation, the Oneness of all things, that humanity shall achieve greater evolution.

One cannot clear, cleanse nor transmute hidden aspects of consciousness; it is only through the revealing of distortion that one can recognize the need for change and take steps to make that change. As humanity and Mother Earth continue to clear, cleanse, and transmute all distortions from energy fields it is in the best interest of each unique individual to pay attention to what remains in their own unique energy field. Address each circumstance from a point of clarity, keeping in mind the level of distortion that moves one from Oneness to separation. There is NO separation and the time is now ripe to achieve clear, energy fields by eliminating lifetimes of distortion.
Be aware that dream times continues to change, often occurring before the usual 90-minute intervals, and vivid dreams assist in clearing, cleansing, and transmuting all distortions from energy fields. Being conscious throughout the day of what is fed with reaction and attention helps to limit negative dream times by freeing the physical brain from needing to process those events

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