Collapsing Old Models And Paradigms

“As Cosmic frequencies continue to oscillate and build, the collapse of old models and paradigms continue at rapid rates. Letting go of these time-worn models and old paradigms, old ways of living upon an old world, are now nearing completion within the time/space continuum known as the New Earth. Cosmic frequencies continue to change not only the earth and all upon and within the earth, all that lives, but all frequencies within this New Earth oscillate, waver and change unremittingly, rapidly, and vicariously. Compliments of Cosmic frequencies, the human form, and all forms within and upon the New Earth, also continue to oscillate, to waver in frequency and form as all dense matter continues to be replaced with lighter matter than ever before.

“Know that as these time-worn old models and paradigms continue to dismantle, it is, as always, in the best interest of those aware to maintain the higher frequency of neutrality, keeping awareness on the fulfillment of New Earth energies for all within this time/space continuum known as the New Earth. In coming days, the frequencies will continue to waver and oscillate unremittingly all through what may be referred to as the Lunar Eclipse in coming days, and beyond through the Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox, and the Winter Solstice of your years 2022 and 2023. Maintaining the higher frequency, radiating the Love of which all things ultimately are, serves one best at this time.

“As old models and paradigms continue to dismantle, be it known that all frequencies within the time/space continuum, and beyond, continue to lighten in density, spiraling upward to lighter aspects of beingness experienced throughout the ages of evolution on the upward and downward spirals from the Atman of which each supposedly single human being form derives from and returns to.

“Again, it is in the best interest of all as these old models and paradigms dismantle to maintain frequencies of neutrality, of Love, and the Light that all things ultimately are.

“Reversing the course of humanity moves at a rapid pace in your 2022 as all systems fall to be rebuilt by the awakened ones who no longer agree to be led down the spiral of evolution by those unwilling to let go of power and control. It is with the utmost pleasure that we of higher realms watch this process unfold, for remember, we of higher realms are those now upon earth in what can be referred to as the ‘lower’ part of evolution’s spiral. Caution is advised to those awakened beings as the unawakened continue to try and frequent old habits, old models, old paradigms because this keeps them in the comfort zone to which they have become accustomed.

“Remember, the focus of attention determines the path traveled by each human in form upon your earth at this time. Move steadily along the path of Love and Light of the awakened; and know, as old time-worn systems that no longer serve the awakened crumble, we, the Higher Self’s, if you will, are unfolding within the consciousness of each human willing to undergo the uncomfortable process of awakening to change comfort zones.

“Recall as humanity moves forward through this process, it is not an overnight one. The timing of each step is crucial and the awareness of those awakened will peak during those times. At this time, during the Lunar Eclipse in your May, 2022, the course is now promptly changed. The path of those awakened is now brightened with Light and the Love held within each awakened human.

“We ask that all of humanity be patient during this process, for much chaos and confusion will continue to purge out of the darkness to be recognized and cleared. Focus only on the New Earth and the changes that each human is now called upon to make within it for the betterment of humanity as a whole.”

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Earths Manipulated Geomagnetics

“Geomagnetics of earth continue to change putting all within and upon Mother Earth at risk for dis-ease in the forms of physical maladies, emotional upsets, and mental imbalances. As these geomagnetics continue to shift and change, it is in the best interest of those aware of these changes to cement their beingness by focusing upon the true aspects of their very own Self, for it is in the recognition of the true aspects of ones Self that one realizes it too is part and function of the earth.

“These geomagnetics continue to shift and change compliments of not only planetary energies, but, most unfortunately, compliments of those seeking more power and control over earth and her people. These manipulations have occurred for many decades of time and it is only with the cessation of this type of manipulative energy that those upon the earth shall be able to move forward more quickly in its task of evolution to the Oneness of BEing.

“As the geomagnetics of earth continue to affect humanity, know that staying within ones own field of energy, not venturing out to become ensnared in those false representations of nature brought about and manipulated by the power hungry few, one can remain within ones own state of consciousness, ones own field of energies, aware of what is occurring, and yet step aside to allow those needing to, and requiring to be affected by these energies, due to past misdeeds of their own, or lack of experience and expression. Those stepping aside to wait, if you will , until the geomagnetics of earth settle, as once again they shall without the manipulations of the power seeking humans, will secure the better future for humanity and offer a ripple effect throughout all space and time. This ripple effect has, unfortunately, been experienced by other spaces and times, even though it has taken place, was initiated, upon the earth.

“Know that as these times increasingly unfold throughout the gross misuse and abuse of energies causing the earth and all upon her to experience the emotional, mental, and physical upsets as herein described, the closure of humanity’s world will now open to assistance from galactics, so to speak, other spaces and times within the unfolding of Consciousness. It is through time to know the trueness of all BEingness for those not desiring another stint of earth life.

“We are the White Winged Consciousness of Nine and we are with you always, as an aspect of the channel through which we speak, guiding, assisting those who resonate with the cause of eliminating reembodying egos upon the earth.”


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