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Earths Manipulated Geomagnetics

Enjoy this Book Of One : – ) Volume 6 excerpt!

“Geomagnetics of earth continue to change putting all within and upon Mother Earth at risk for dis-ease in the forms of physical maladies, emotional upsets, and mental imbalances. As these geomagnetics continue to s….
“These geomagnetics continue to shift and change compliments of not only planetary energies, but, most unfortunately, compliments of those seeking more power and control over earth and her people….
“… or lack of experience and expression. Those stepping aside to wait, if you will , until the geomagnetics of earth settle, as once again they shall without the manipulations of the power seeking humans….
“Know that as these times increasingly unfold throughout the  …  galactics, so to speak, other spaces and times within the unfolding of Consciousness. …  stint of earth life.
“…  those who resonate with the cause of eliminating reembodying egos upon the earth.”
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