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Unrelenting Cosmic Downloads

Enjoy these excerpts from Book Of One :-).
One is always best served by caring for the physical host as humanity continues to move through unrelenting Cosmic energies. While serving to release denser and time-worn energies, this assistance from higher aspects of our very own selves continues to help Mother Earth and all within and upon her to transmute, clear and cleanse, making way for lighter frequencies filled with much more of the Light from whence we derived.
Transmutation occurs as one recognizes the reasons for certain trials and tribulations. One can consciously let go of the old habit of clinging to victimhood, drama and pain with each recognition. Clearing and cleansing old ways of living within physicality then makes way for frequencies more suited to the New Earth on which all now reside.
We are expanding the possibilities through unseen forces as valleys of lows and highs extend throughout the ascension process.
Unrelenting Cosmic energies continue to enter earth and all upon and within her, changing vibrational frequencies. Human body frequencies change as these downloads occur and body cells split causing extreme heat. Many people experience subsequent periods of much cooler body temperatures. The body transmutes eons of mis-thought as these cells split to change our DNA. Vivid and wild clearing dreams occur when we are in this stage of transmuting mis-thought. Hydration is key, particularly at this time as the body clears on all levels. Extreme thirst upon waking clues one into this process as it occurs. Sleeping habits totally change and at some point as one intuitively moves with the flow there is no set time to wake or sleep. Remember, it is vital to not focus too much on these events but only to be aware of what occurs at any given time for all emotion and thought feeds the band of consciousness one experiences.
Blessings continue to stream into our planet and bodies during this greatest show on earth. You may notice them most prominently when fields collapse allowing us to sense these energies more clearly, as sleepless nights fill with great thirst and subsequent elimination, or not, depending on your very own ascension process. Stay hydrated and use the time to meditate or be creative.
Neutrality is the key best used to move through these vastly changing times. Remain neutral as this Ascension Roller Coaster Ride continues while more of humanity makes the choice to transition, for this ride is not for the faint of heart nor body, but a soul choice made before birth. Prepare to assist those that remain and continue to awaken. It is not for one to make attempts at changing another’s soul journey but merely to assist as asked and stand back while tumultuous times continue to unfold.
We consciously transmute concepts upon sensing reactions to what seems outside our Oneness, by recognizing it’s a blessing to alert us to change a stream of perception. One by one we let go until, finally, full realization and demonstration of innate powers occur in daily life. Remember, through chaos comes Peace, Harmony, and better ways of living.
Refer to Book Of One 🙂, particularly Volumes 2, 4 (including a chapter with Affirmations), 5 and 6 for verification of experiences during and after onslaughts of incoming higher frequencies, information on Cosmic energy downloads, inspiration, and much more. More communications, and my experiences are documented throughout the “Lightworker’s Log Book Series”, especially in the “Author’s Experiences” section of each Book Of One 🙂 volume. Keep in mind, a printed book at bedside will not microwave eyes with harmful frequencies, and it offers inspiration for better dreams!

Book of One 🙂 Volume 2
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Book of One 🙂 Volume 4
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Book of One 🙂 Volume 6

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5D Living: Physical Loss Bereavement

Enjoy this FULL excerpt from Proficient Wisdom Scratching The Surface: Lightworker’s Log

While viewing the third video of my Egyptian adventure and working on the next book a surprise comes at the end. Footage of a birthday trip WOW graciously agree to take with me plays of the time we spent in St. John. “Let it go,” I hear . “I am you. You are me. We are one.” I then see her in my mind’s eye, as she was in physicality, pat me on the head before her energy dissipates.

Days later at the end of January 2023, the Magnavox display screen switches all by itself from AV2, which I use to watch DVDs to HDMI so I tap in to sense WOW’s energies once again. She speaks of completed karmic contracts in few words as I immediately get the download, knowing contracts are complete with everyone known as blood family and friends. “Have fun and add joy to life”, I hear, a repeated message that I continue to look forward to because these terms are experienced in totally different aspects by totally different states of consciousness. Having left the state of ignorance I am now seemingly alone physically. “Add more people to your life,” flashes into my mind and then “invites will come soon.” The following week I’m amazed to experience an explosion of people wanting to be Facebook friends, most of them appearing to posess higher states of awareness with large followings. Since at least 400 people dropped friendship over the past three years, it’s now a laborious process to approve friends, within two weeks I again achieve that 5K mark where no more are allowed but people can choose to follow posts.

While working on the new book near sunset on 2-15-2023, I hear a noise coming from the kitchen, as if something fell to the floor, and so I rise to investigate. Two plastic 32-ounce yogurt container lids sit on the floor. A strong sense permeates my brain, of WOW and knowing that right in this moment of now family releases her ashes, finally, more than seven years after her physical departure. These lids sat on top of yogurt containers stored behind a heavy sheet like material meant to keep dust from shelves. Obviously, to me, it took a bit of energy to levitate them off the lids just enough to move them beyond the barrier without disturbing the containers.

“Well, that was a really good trick,” I calmly voice to seemingly empty air. “I see you are using energy in more different ways to get my attention.”

“Feel my JOY, I’m FREE Momma!” fills brain cells as watch sun setting beyond the kitchen window. Upon closing both eyes I see an image much like a video, with WOW’s energy, now appearing as a very small wispy white trail weaving in, and out, and all around a circle of people I know are family and her best friend.

“Thanks for coming to include me,” I announce still feeling her JOY, just as I felt Momma’s and DAD’s upon their experience of leaving human form. Exquisite JOY moves me well beyond the thoughts of a human mother not even invited or alerted of the release. Clearly, we are all in our own world experiencing and expressing with like-minded people as humanity continues to move through the process of awakening.

By the way, the bridge image was one WOW posted on her Facebook page to remind family that she wanted her ashes spread from the Bahia Honda Bridge (holding years of fond family vacation memories), just as her brother’s were.

And that is a glimpse of what it’s like to be a multidimensional being. Many more instanes of 5D living are in Proficient Wisdom Scratching The Surface: Lightworker’s Log

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AND Multidimensional Living: Moving Beyond Astral Adventures

to learn how the process of tapping into your very own Source of wisdom unfolds as a natural course.
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Looking out the windows of my lovely two-story apartment, one cannot avoid seeing consequences of rash decisions. Since I live in a senior community there are many people who, even now, continue to wear masks, despite numerous so-called miracle shots with so-called 95% efficacy, and so-called safe and effective for use, and those people, quicker than ever before, are the ones that continue to pass into another state of energy.

Many years ago, while studying the Science of Mind, taking classes, and continually changing my state of perception, there were numerous times when certain teachings became cemented in the brain I refer to as my own. One of these times, as mentioned in my third book, Lightworker’s Log: Transformation, occurred upon hearing of Ken Wilber’s work, which uses quadrants of thirteen to describe human development. Different mindsets held within humanity are clearly displayed in this community, alas, based on what I recall of Wilber’s work, they seem focused on the lower levels of awareness…particularly for those who continue to follow government rules to keep their jobs.

Each person that makes their transition here always leaves behind an apartment of belongings, some, being hoarders, have many, many possessions, some have very few, but all apartment contents are left for disposal by a duly appointed relative or friend documented on paper with each yearly lease renewal. Those who have not completed the required document, perhaps not having a relative or friend to honor with this duty, face the consequence of having their beloved possessions tossed into the garbage, for life must go on, rules must be followed, and new tenets must be in place within a certain time frame. Therefore, every single possession is broken down, bagged up, and carelessly tossed into the garbage bin. I know this because I see it on what seems now a weekly to monthly basis. Scores and scores of what could be ‘good stuff’ to those in need is quickly disposed of, regardless of whether it’s old or new, regardless of what caused the transition. And just to be clear, this procedure has been in place for many, many years, not just three or four.

So, remember what you think is precious enough to purchase and keep for an uncertain future could be carelessly tossed away in short order (I’d say ‘in the blink of an eye’ but that would be inaccurate for viewing the process from my windows I see it sometimes takes hours for the maintenance crew to break-down and haul stuff into the garbage bin.). Ponder this, think of loved ones and those in need, and consider cleaning house in a different way.

Consider Book 3: Lightworkers Log 🙂 Transformation

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