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Soul Whispers…Focus

In this time of earth’s great distortion, there are many habits to change, if you will pardon the expression. We, the White Winged Consciousness of Nine, are always available to help humanity make the changes necessary for ascending into a higher form of consciousness. This is not so easily done but achievable in one’s lifetime if the focus is entirely upon evolution.

Hence, one sees the issue with ascension, for not many humans choose to set habits aside let alone take the time to focus solely on evolution. As the days progress, there will be many prompts to change habits. There will also be many issues and conditions to stop one from choosing evolution, for there are those not ready to end the earth game.

Yes, we have spoke of this before but it bears a new mention, for many things in your world are coming to a head as the forces of what many refer to as good and evil compete for one’s attention.

Let your thoughts focus on the whispers of soul as the days, weeks and months ahead unfold, for this will serve the body in the best possible manner. It is not our wish to interfere with soul plans but to merely point out that each soul has chosen their plan for each life. However, humanity is now at a point where soul plans may be changed if one is dedicated to evolution as it is in the best interest of all involved that as many souls as possible ascend in consciousness to avoid undue circumstances.

We shall leave it at that, much to the channel’s dismay, not choosing to define the term “undue” at this time. Just know, the opportunity to tap into one’s soul is always there for the asking.

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What Guides Your Experience?

“And so it is my friends we find you in the midst of darkness. The treasures you seek are within the world in which you inhabit. As you move through this process of awakening to the Oneness of which you truly are, look upon each aspect of the Whole as yourself. Know that as you move through this process, we the Lemurian Council of Twelve, are with you always to guide, to assist, to answer any questions you may have. We are you in another form, in another frequency of time and space.

“Knowing the ultimate reality that all time and space is illusion you may move through this process more fluidly if you understand the issues, the experiences, the consequences you face as a result of your choices of free will are yours alone. The cause and effect in your world is experienced by each individual, based upon their free will using the thought forms they employ within their own mind. We are here to announce to all, the thought forms in which you believe are the thought forms that guide your experience. And we wish you to know your experience changes when the thought forms within your mind change.

“These thought forms are affected not only through the experience you currently move through but through the experiences of your total Essence in other frequencies of being. You may tap into these other frequencies, higher, lower, if you will, for lack of a better word, by mediating in a calm manner and asking to tap into those thought forms of which it is time to alleviate, to let go, to dissipate back into the Void of all possibilities. Know that as you move through this process in these coming days, in these coming months, in these coming years, assistance to reach into your very own Essence to dissipate the thought forms now outdated and no longer needed are all within you.

“We ask all to be patient with each thought form as it appears seemingly in your own private world. For each thought form is now ready to be dissipated, to be removed from the causes and effects that create the experiences in 3D and 4D realms of existence. Know that all move through this process in their own time. Many shall not choose to dissipate, to alleviate, to remove outdated concepts, outdated thought forms, for many people on your earth are not ready to awaken to their own magnificence as creators, as co-creators in a wonderful paradise of Oneness.

“Those that are ready to move into this Oneness more fully may choose to alleviate, to dissolve those thought forms keeping humanity in separation. Any thought form not based in Love is now no longer constructive in the reality of those moving fluidly toward the Oneness of all BEingness. Know that as you move though this process, those needed to assist you in alleviating these constructs of thought forms will appear in your field of consciousness. As each appears, accepting it fully with Love, as part of one’s self, assists in the process of recognizing all is but illusion in the singular mind of each seeming human form. Alleviating the constructs of thought forms is easily done upon accepting each form seeming outside oneself as a part of the self, waiting to be recognized and accepted as part of the wholeness of the self and All That Is. Know that moving through this process is a Garden of Eden for those enlightened to the ways of Oneness.

“We leave you now with this thought:

Are you, as your own thought form, ready to remove the constructs of all the thought forms that hold you within the illusion of separation?

We are the Lemurian Council of Twelve and we are with you always for we are you in yet another frequency of time and space having removed many thought forms and yet we too are a thought form in a reality of the illusion.”

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Time To Tap In!

“Let’s be clear. All is illusion. All is illusion on earth and all you can see. All is illusion on earth and all you can hear. All is illusion on earth and all you can smell. All is illusion on earth and all you sense with the five usual senses.

“But when you allow yourself the pleasure of tapping into that sixth sense, that one vital ingredient for each human, you begin to see there is more. There is more to the illusion than what one can detect from using only the five usual human senses.

“Take the time to tap into this field of receptivity to change your world, to make your human existence better. Take the time to tap into this sixth sense, to know I AM, to know you are that of which it is. Be still and know.”

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Living With Distractions

As this message came through, a small plane circled above the entire time. I’m now looking for the local Ben & Jerry’s that has free ice cream until 8 pm!

“How can we appreciate living in the present moment when we keep dwelling in the past? This is the issue of many in physical form, including my mother. Today we know that living in the present moment is the only way to exist for when we dwell on the past, what happened, what could have been, we stop our self from recognizing the beauty of each present moment.

“So how can we live in the present moment? It is a clear matter of choice. We choose to live in the present moment by appreciating each precious moment and stopping our self from dwelling in the past. This is easily done by careful monitoring of thought. Each thought bears an energy signature. Each thought results in a subsequent action, reaction or response. Each thought can carry the thinker to the past, the present or the future.

“It is only in the present moment that we are able to withstand daily pressures. It is only in the present moment that we are able to hone our senses and filter out distractions. And that is what this is all about. We are here during these times of unprecedented distractions to learn how to filter them out. ‘How’, you might ask? By being within them, by living within the very distractions we must learn to filter out. For it is only by living within distractions that one learns to live with them and yet filter them out.

“For instance, take the example of people who have lived in New York for their entire lives. Many of these people are uncomfortable in areas of silence to the point where they bring some kind of audio device to mimic their hometown, a mix of traffic, sirens, and everyday distractions to help them feel at home so sleep comes easily.

“Yes, it is through living within distractions that one finds the daring to trust and move beyond the course of events to create a stillness within one’s self. It is by living within the distractions that one learns the whole of silence is within waiting to be tapped into and explored. Live within the distractions to be able to live within each present moment for soon distractions will rule the day.

“WOW out”

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