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Earth’s Learning Ground

Sleep seems impossible while experiencing a new malady, which is another sign of incoming light frequencies moving through multiple nerves. And so a most arduous night unfolds as my flat, palm-sized, quartz healing crystal sits upon the right foot to quell issues from the high ankle almost all the way to the toes. This is now occurring along with the semi-consistent swelling metatarsal, a sign, to what seems as me, as thymus clearing.

During these times of mass clearing on Planet Earth timelines change rapidly and to remain on a higher frequency timeline one must consistently maintain that frequency throughout the day. Keep in mind throughout the night that the body’s frequency continuously changes as the brain moves in and out of various states of consciousness, making it easier to tap into even higher frequencies of existence.

Maintaining the consistent, steady state of awareness as to the frequency one appears to be within will assist greatly in coming days, for, yet again, attempts to lower frequencies within the mass consciousness shall occur. Know that it is only within the mind of the unique, human individual that separation exists. The year’s game is changing, and yet, many personalities are fearful of change, and ready to relinquish power and control to what they conceive to be a source of higher knowledge, this higher knowledge being knowledge of earth’s movements and readiness to change all states of awareness.

Remaining within the frequency which affords one a steady flow of all things good serves one best. For yet again frequencies shall continue to challenge many upon earth. Remain within the frequency which is most comfortable knowing that when all is said and done Planet Earth is a learning ground for those souls on their way to becoming masters of their own frequencies.

Many more instances of Light Activations and communications pertinent to today’s world are documented in Proficient Wisdoms: Scratching The Surface and in the Book Of One Series within “Author’s Experiences“. Please remember that whatever you feed your mind and body with during the day affects its vibrational rate during both waking and sleeping hours!

Choosing Bodies Of Consciousness

The choice to choose a body of consciousness remains with each unique human individual throughout the day and night. This choice leads to either the continued experience of remaining within a body of consciousness leading one to conclusions, experiences, and expressions of one living within a manipulated mass consciousness, OR the choice of jumping timelines into a higher frequency known to many as another body of consciousness.

Remaining aware of emotions displayed throughout the day and night assists one in honing a conscious effort to bump up into the next body of consciousness known by many as the mental world. This world consists of a thought-based system devoid of any emotion leading to lower frequencies. This world consists of a unity of each unique human individual being aware and consciously co-creating what can be referred to as a “life worth living.” Many now move toward and into this steady state of consciousness, which remains within the reach of all human beings upon Planet Earth. Other states of consciousness within higher frequencies continue to exist for those moving beyond the higher frequency of the thought world.

Know that as one moves forward in consciousness, higher in body frequency, co-creating a world where all of humanity shall exist in future times, the path can be either clear or cluttered, filled with emotions, habits, propensities, and old ways of being. This path is now being cleared on a grand scale by many unique human individuals now clearing not only experiences within what can be referred to as the current life, but experiences, habits, propensities, and old ways of being stemming from what many refer to as past life experiences.

I got THE MUSIC in ME!
Notice how she reaches down to sip her water during a break in her singing. STAY HYDRATED. It allows the worn life-atoms to leave more quickly!

Get a grip on non-local reality to expand your consciousness and move beyond the astral world of emotion! There are many teachings on the various bodies of consciousness mentioned in my last few books, and learning of them will immensely enhance one’s life.

Support your Self or a loved one by purchasing an inspiring bedside companion. Remember, a physical book in your hand cannot be erased digitally and is easier on the eyes and soul than gadgets. Many multidimensional experiences are documented throughout the “Lightworker’s Log Book Series”.
The hardcover Serendipitous Egyptian Initiatic Journey: A Sacred Experience Of Transmuting Energies is now available “Serendipitous Egyptian Initiatic Journey: A Sacred Experience Of Transmuting Energies”.

Light, Dark, and the Galactic Federation

Enjoy this Book Of One : – ) Volume 6 excerpt!

Much is happening in unseen realms. The continuous struggle between Light and dark holds much promise as the struggle continues within one frequency of consciousness, and yet, the struggle is over in frequencies of higher dimensions. Your earth world shall continue to experience chaos as these struggles continue to pave the way to higher frequencies for all consciousness within humanity….

The earth game is changing quickly for those who rise to and maintain a higher frequency of existence, which is that of unity, devoid of separation or desire of separation, or power in any form. We, the Galactic Federation of Light, now move forward, so to speak, edging closer within the consciousness of … … seeking to be heard with no concern for damages done.

Referring to the heart’s core within one’s very own human Host of One serves the human best at this time. It is a frequency that cannot be tampered with by any means. This frequency within the human Host’s heart is that Divine Spark holding the consciousness of the Ray from which it came. Those familiar with….

It is not, nor will it ever be, the desire of higher frequencies of consciousness to detrimentally affect earth’s atmosphere. We caution those on earth to maintain the higher frequency of Love and Light within themselves to avoid tapping into lower frequencies of existence within the earth’s game that may lead one astray. We leave it at that as we note …

Full communication in Book Of One : – ) Volume 6!

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