Join us on SUNday at Thubten Kunga Ling (located in the Cove Shopping Plaza, in the teal colored building upstairs), at 201 S.E.15th Terrace, Suite 206, Deerfield Beach, FL. 33441. Learn more about the venue by visiting this link:

July 10, 2022, 3:30―5 PM

In Person

The Path To Ageless Wisdom
with Sharon Ann Meyer (SAM)

Seeing everything as multidimensional HU-mans affords us with the opportunity to make sense of a crazy world. Join us for an open discussion on the various dimensions of consciousness now unfolding from within to offer subtle guidance, insights and support. Bring a paper and pen to record your insights.

Enjoy this video excerpt from the first workshop. Remember, we energetically support what we participate in.

“FREE Soul Tapping Class”

Feb 13, 2022, 3:30―5 PM

In Person

Transformation Using 7 Keys
with Sharon Ann Meyer (SAM)

Join us as we explore the 7 Keys of Transformation focusing on the works of sages such as H.P. Blavatsky, Annie Besant, Alice Bailey, C.W. Leadbeater, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton and Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Enjoy this video excerpt from a two-part workshop held at Thubten Kunga Ling. Remember, we energetically support what we participate in.

“The Tipping Point”
with Sharon Ann Meyer
(aka SAM)

Click on Link to see Video: The Tipping Point

SAM is a wayshower and author of the “Lightworker’s Log Book Series.” She is also a metaphysical teacher, founder of SAM I AM PROductions (, administrator of the popular Internet resource, Lightworker’s Log, and Corresponding Secretary for the Miami/Deerfield T.S.

“Recognition of the unique value of every living being expresses itself in reverence for life, compassion for all, sympathy with the need of all individuals to find truth for themselves, and respect for all religious traditions.” The Theosophical World View

SAM I AM PROductions helps humanity’s ascension using Internet Technology and videos. We offer inspirational and thought provoking blogs, books, audios and videos with practical tools and messages based on experience in this and other realms of reality.