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Natural Disasters

Let us approach the subject of ‘natural disasters’ from a different point of view…

Consider that humanity now lies on the precipice of a deep well, some having already fallen into that deep abyss of what seems as nothingness. Consider that falling down into that dark abyss one suddenly realizes it is not so disastrous after all. This is the space humanity now finds itself in, in the process of seeming to lose all things dear through ‘natural disasters’ that many find unavoidable.

As each ‘natural disaster’ occurs those affected by it seek out and find new ways to live, some suddenly recognizing the limited life lived before the ‘disaster’. For it is sometimes only in losing all things dear that one moves out of the cocoon of comfort and non-growth. As each disaster occurs one must ask, “Is this part of the process of ascension? Is this then part of the very awakening to greater aspects of living and Self that one agreed to before birth?

We of higher realms support all in their effort to become more, to reach out and help another, if called to do so, and to achieve a greater state of unlimited BEing and living than ever before. For it is only though increased connection with one’s fellow humans that humanity shall awaken to the truth that all are One, unlimited in creation.

Experiences of good often increase when we concentrate on inspirational thoughts. E-mail comments and questions at the Contact Page and visit SAM I AM Productions to support your Self as we collectively move through these chaotic times. Loving You!

Ascension During Chaotic Times

“Valleys of lows and highs extend throughout the ascension process. This process that humanity now moves though is yet the first stage of awakening to the True Self. The second stage being that which occurs without the carbon-based form.”
Lemurian Council of Twelve


As we move through this ascension process of incorporating our original consciousness, remember it is advantageous to rest and or sleep more, while clearing, cleansing and transmuting misthoughts from all lifetimes. At our July 25th gathering, NEXT Thursday, “Ascension, Moving From 3D To 5D & Embodiment”, we shall discuss the ascension process and what that means to lifestyles and embodiment of a higher consciousness. This discussion also includes tips to raise our frequency from a chaotic 3D state to a serene 5D lifestyle. Group participation is encouraged so feel free to share your ascension experiences.

The Theosophical Society
831 SE 9 Street, Deerfield Beach, Florida 33441-5633
Located in Palm Plaza, U.S. 1 & SE 10th Street
2 miles east of I-95, SW 10th Street Exit
Suggested Donation–$5.00


Manipulating Energy Consciously

Dear Beloved Soul Family,

One of the reasons I am facilitating bi-monthly gatherings is to help raise the bodies vibration to better move through these highly energetic times. As magnetic beings, our bodies continually respond to the magnetic fluctuations that are within, surrounding and millions of miles from earth. These fluctuations are increasing and will continue to do so over the next few years. Combined with fearful mass consciousness, which often chooses to go back to old habits and ways of living, and the ever-changing mass consciousness of those now awakening (using chaos as the tool to do so — as souls this was the choice), we are faced with a crucial choice. What state of awareness and being do I choose to support and live within?

When one considers the “Law Of Attraction,” the benefits of raising one’s vibrational rate becomes clearly understood.

The choice of how we live is always ours to make but one should know, in these ever-changing times humanity is now moving though a process of bringing to the fore-front EVERYTHING that has been hidden. This means not only what appears outside ones self but within ones self as well. As this process continues, humanity is increasingly faced with body changes, often in the form of aches, pains and what appears as illness and disease (dis-ease on a soul level) to surface these too long hidden shadows.

Again, it is one’s choice as to how to move though these times. As one who has dedicated multiple years to personal and planetary ascension, it’s clear nothing will remain the same so be prepared to make crucial choices as to the direction of life. Gathering with people of like mind helps us to raise our vibrational rate and shift realities from the mass chaos of 3D to the more life-affirming 5D Christ Consciousness.

The next bi-monthly “Conscious Living In The Midst Of Chaos” gathering is scheduled for Thursday, June 27th from 6-7:30 pm. Feel free to join us for “Manipulating Energy Consciously.” Everyone is welcome and group participation is encouraged.

The Theosophical Society, 831 SE 9 Street, Deerfield Beach, Florida , 3441-5633, Located in Palm Plaza, U.S. 1 & SE 10th Street, 2 miles east of I-95, SW 10th Street Exit

Suggested Donation–$5.00

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