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Courses Of Action

Seeming to possess a mind within a body on earth, one may follow logical trains of thought to proceed to what seems as logical conclusions. One can also tune into ones essence and follow the heart consciousness to conclude completely different thoughts. So what avenue does one take to secure the best life?

Obviously the train of thought and heart resonance that one has focused on for eons no longer works if one believes they are a soul in human form experiencing life after life in a game on earth.

Does believing all is illusion work to help one through the maze to avoid chaos, which seems to be increasing on earth?

Following ones own source of truth can easily lead one to the logical and heart based conclusion that all is indeed illusion.

But before one achieves this great feat of evolved consciousness all thought forms and energetic strings holding the consciousness to earth, the so-called illusory soul, must be dissipated. This occurs as one continues to address all thoughts as illusion, while seeming to balance the experience of soul on the earth plane. For as time seems to continue in a space referred to as earth, it is only through moving through the matrix of illusion that one can free itself from energetic thought forms.

Yes, the Law of Attraction does play into each human’s life and chaos appears or seems to appear as time seems to unfold, but it is merely a matter of moving though the chaos as an experience rather than a trial that assists one in achieving the end result of freedom from all energetic thought forms. In other words, what we resist persists. What we allow to unfold in its own manner, moving though it without reaction but conscious response achieves the feat of freedom in the sense that experience balances and thought, having been allowed to unfold in its own manner, dissipates without resistance.

Shall we approach this in another way? While seeming to live on earth in human form one moves through the process from infant to adult. During this evolving consciousness, the thought form of a human evolves to a point where it no longer wishes to experience life in form (having connected with the energetic thought form of a soul taking on life after life). This is not to say that all humans are ready to end their stints in experience and expression on earth but to merely note that many seeming to be on earth at this time are ready to return to the Source of all things, or experience and express in different ways.

As confusing as this may seem, it is of note that each human awakens to its essence in its own time. The unwillingness to awaken to illusion is a valid choice for those who choose it. And yet the game continues as long as individual aspects of creation experience what seems as life on earth.

Aspects of Consciousness now gather as One, remembering the unity of all things to play games in other areas of Consciousness. But it is only through the total dissipation of all energetic thought forms that one achieves this feat.

So how does one go about achieving this feat of dissipating energetic thought forms? By continuing to move though the process of evolution, responding as necessary when faced with situations appearing via the Law of Attraction. Seeking to engage in energetic thought forms serves only to increase their value, making them appear more ‘real’ in the world. But again, by allowing the flow of life expression and experience to show one where they are on the path of evolution and facing each circumstance with response, as needed, rather than reaction, serves one best.

Experiences of good often increase when we concentrate on inspirational thoughts. E-mail comments and questions at the Contact Page and visit SAM I AM Productions to support your Self as we collectively move through these chaotic times. Loving You!

Game Of Illusion

“Know that all is well as we move though these portals of increased consciousness. Remember, not all souls chose this increasing state of awareness so it is wise to carry your vibration within yourself and keep centered while moving though what is left of the 3D maze of consciousness.

“We are the White Winged Consciousness of Nine and we shall continue to guide all who wish to move forward into increasing states of awareness of oneself, of the universe, cosmos and ultimately, the illusion of time/space. We leave you with this thought:

“Who will you ultimately be when your journey in the body, this consciousness is complete? Will you return to play the game of illusion again or break free of the illusion to dwell within the Ultimate Reality of non space and time?”

Experiences of good often increase when we concentrate on inspirational thoughts. E-mail comments and questions at the Contact Page and visit SAM I AM Productions to support your Self as we collectively move through these chaotic times. Loving You!

Manipulating Energy Consciously

Dear Beloved Soul Family,

One of the reasons I am facilitating bi-monthly gatherings is to help raise the bodies vibration to better move through these highly energetic times. As magnetic beings, our bodies continually respond to the magnetic fluctuations that are within, surrounding and millions of miles from earth. These fluctuations are increasing and will continue to do so over the next few years. Combined with fearful mass consciousness, which often chooses to go back to old habits and ways of living, and the ever-changing mass consciousness of those now awakening (using chaos as the tool to do so — as souls this was the choice), we are faced with a crucial choice. What state of awareness and being do I choose to support and live within?

When one considers the “Law Of Attraction,” the benefits of raising one’s vibrational rate becomes clearly understood.

The choice of how we live is always ours to make but one should know, in these ever-changing times humanity is now moving though a process of bringing to the fore-front EVERYTHING that has been hidden. This means not only what appears outside ones self but within ones self as well. As this process continues, humanity is increasingly faced with body changes, often in the form of aches, pains and what appears as illness and disease (dis-ease on a soul level) to surface these too long hidden shadows.

Again, it is one’s choice as to how to move though these times. As one who has dedicated multiple years to personal and planetary ascension, it’s clear nothing will remain the same so be prepared to make crucial choices as to the direction of life. Gathering with people of like mind helps us to raise our vibrational rate and shift realities from the mass chaos of 3D to the more life-affirming 5D Christ Consciousness.

The next bi-monthly “Conscious Living In The Midst Of Chaos” gathering is scheduled for Thursday, June 27th from 6-7:30 pm. Feel free to join us for “Manipulating Energy Consciously.” Everyone is welcome and group participation is encouraged.

The Theosophical Society, 831 SE 9 Street, Deerfield Beach, Florida , 3441-5633, Located in Palm Plaza, U.S. 1 & SE 10th Street, 2 miles east of I-95, SW 10th Street Exit

Suggested Donation–$5.00


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Frequencies Within Your Energetic Field

“You are moving forward, those of you who have agreed to this process of becoming more in states of awareness, in multiple bands of consciousness, in your own BEingness. We come to you now as group consciousness, ready to assist all those now moving through this process, which may be arduous at best. But know that the end results are glorious and already achieved for those moving through this process, as humans, as souls, as states of BEingness, consciousness, aspects of the totality of All That Is.

“These coming days upon your earth will continue to be filled with energies assisting humanity, compliments of what you assume to be your sun.” (I get the impression the assisting energies are coming from yet unknown bands of consciousness, perhaps what many refer to as the Great Central Sun.) Know that as you move though this process, the knowingness of your awareness changes. This means that those of you who think you know what is occurring may change your mind while moving though this process.

“Bands of consciousness are important. Remember to stay within your own field of consciousness, for moving through this process it is easy to become lost in the maze of which you refer to as the matrix. Ask for your guidance from the highest aspect of your Self and know that we, the Group Consciousness Of Aspects Of All That Is, are always with you ready to assist as you wish. As your own consciousness expands within the matrix of your own beliefs, you become more aware of the bands of consciousness that are readily available to tap into at any moment in time. Pay attention to the vibrational range of frequencies within your own energetic field and know that that range changes constantly.

“We are the Group Consciousness Of Aspects Of All That Is and we are here to assist as desired.”

Experiences of good often increase when we concentrate on inspirational thoughts. E-mail comments and questions at the Contact Page and visit SAM I AM Productions to support your Self as we collectively move through these chaotic times. Loving You!

We Are ONE!

In the likely event that you are wondering, “What is going on in this world???” YES, things are changing rapidly. Humanity is quickly, or not, changing into the state of mind it left so long ago.

For some, that means being faced with circumstance after circumstance of separation, in our own mind, until we realize WE ARE ONE. We are NOT separate. Each person we face is, indeed, a part of our very own self. Yes, the small self here on earth seems separate but we are now faced with the BIGGER picture of Reality, WE ARE ONE in seeming, separate unique form here to experience life in bodily form on earth.

So what can we do if continually faced with situations that appear negative? We can see these situations for what they are, opportunities to recognize aspects of our self, to accept them with unconditional love and to let them go (if need be) knowing WE ARE ONE, WE ARE LIGHT, WE ARE part of All That Is here to shine and share our gifts with humanity.

Many higher realms messages are shared with humanity. One such message, which in my separate mind seemed to come from the White-Winged Consciousness of Nine, bears repeating:

“As the world moves further into chaos it is time to realize that this is yet another means to move all of humanity to Oneness once again. Yes, for once again humanity has stepped further away from the truth of itself, as one essence in unique forms playing and experiencing a life game on planet earth. It is with the greatest respect that we of higher realms discuss soul contracts today. For this is a necessary part of the much-needed return to Oneness.

“As with all things, one must experience duality in order to tell the difference, to distinguish, between perceptions held by human minds. It has always been this way for humanity and that too is changing as all things on planet earth. But again, allow us to discuss how soul contracts play a role in this return to Oneness.

“Many souls agreed to take on human form to help with this much overdue process on earth’s realm. This entails those souls who have agreed to awaken and those who agreed, very gratefully, to take on much darker roles to help their brothers and sisters, those other unique aspects of All That Is to remember their true nature. And it is through their acts of anger, their violence and much-needed chaotic acts that the unawakened souls begin the process of returning to the Light from whence all came.

“This process begins with compassion, compassion for your fellow man. And it is in holding this compassion, within the heart’s core, that the Divine Spark begins to awaken. Make no mistake, each human upon planet earth carries a unique essence of All That Is. It makes no difference what their role is. This Divine Spark is the very essence all have come to awaken during this and subsequent years as earth returns to its rightful vibration of Light.

“We the White-Winged Consciousness of Nine leave you with these thoughts:

“If those of the human mind continue to hold separation within themselves how will the process of awakening unfold? How will those unawakened souls return and remember the Light within if not to experience darkness?”

Helpful Tips & Tools

* Pay attention to thoughts, words and deeds. If they continually dwell in separation, that is what will appear.

* Focus on positive ways to spend time. Read inspiring books, attend and participate in groups that focus on Oneness (A Course In Miracles and A Course Of Love are two such groups).

* Spend time alone without the distraction of electronics and news. Become accustomed to listening for higher realm guidance rather than counting on main stream media or others.

Sharon Ann Meyer, Wayshower, SAM I AM PROductions. Feel free to share.

Experiences of good often increase when we concentrate on inspirational thoughts. Find more channeled messages in “Book of One 🙂 Volume 1″ available through New Leaf Distributing at , Book of One 🙂 Volume 2, and Book of One 🙂 Volume 3 OR visit SAM I AM Productions to support the author by purchasing books there and not through greedy corporations. Loving You!


Anyone who has motored through a major earth event will always look back and say something like, “If only I’d made more of an attempt to prepare.” This article will help those who decide to stay where they are when threatened by a major storm. Follow the links below for more tips.

Let me preface these tips by noting, living in a 3-D world makes it imperative to tap into and follow your intuition. You will be guided before, during and after the event so it is up to you to stay clear of mind-altering substances and pay attention.

First and foremost insure to the best of your ability that your building will withstand a major storm. Having a good roof, secure windows and protection for them, and a termite-free dwelling really helps you to stay safe. Remember, the area in which you reside (poor areas tend to get helped after rich ones), building (the more people in your building the more help or distraction you will encounter), neighbors (at least know who they are) and local government will all make a difference in your experience. If you are in a high rise and the power goes out be prepared to walk down and upstairs for an undetermined time.

Things to have on hand are listed in detail in links below. This article will cover the things that I found very helpful during and after several category 3-5 hurricanes with limited flooding.

Before the Storm Preparation

Pack a bug-out bag that you can grab if you need to leave the dwelling immediately. Check the Internet for contents and follow your own guidance.

Make sure your vehicle has a full tank of gas at least three days before the storm (lines will increase and gas shortages will occur). Store extra gas in approved containers if guided to do so because it can take days or even a week before gas arrives to stations, supplies of which will be depleted quickly.

Cash is king when power goes out.

Lights are especially important at night when the entire neighborhood has no electricity. Battery operated flashlights, a small under-the-counter light and tent fan with light is very helpful if you do not want lanterns that use gasoline or propane. If using candles, it’s best to avoid those with a scent.

Power systems help to restore some of your electricity until crews can get to you. Generators are often used so be prepared for the noise. Another option is a quiet battery back-up system that will allow you to power small appliances, recharge cell phones and small electronics. Be prepared to go without electricity or cable for up to a month.

A gas stove is ideal when the electricity goes out. Other options are propane stoves or grills. If you have a generator or back-up power system you can use small appliances such as hot plates to cook.

Water is especially vital in hot climates. Make sure you have enough for at least a week. Adding Pink Himalayan salt to water helps to replenish minerals lost while sweating and makes freezing water faster. And if you add a piece of lemon to the water it will be more alkaline. Block ice is vital to save your food as long as possible. Pour out a bit of water from gallons and small bottles and freeze them days before the storm. You can also freeze soups to boost the length of freezer/refrigerator food. Tap water may become contaminated or there may be no running water so it is always a good ideal to store some in case you need it for cooking, brushing your teeth, etc.

Having two small coolers, one for water and another for food decreases ice meltage.

Lists of foods are in the links below. One thing I found helpful was to cook all frozen fish and other protein and then refreeze it. Dinners of spaghetti and chicken with noodles from the refrigerator were edible cold two days after the storm. Boiled eggs, bagels and cheese last longer than many perishable foods. If you bake potatoes and boil eggs before the storm, you can make potato salad after the storm. Be aware that the more dietary restrictions you have, the more challenging it will be to maintain your habits after the storm.

Clear the outside area of any objects that may cause damage or harm. Consider changing your sheets, doing laundry and cleaning the house before the storm comes.

During the Storm

It is my personal knowledge that we are souls that chose our earthly experiences before birth into human form. And although we have free will to move though life there are still some experiences to face due to the soul’s choice. Maintaining your unique vibrational rate helps during and after the storm.

Trust in the Universe to offer you the best possible experience as chosen by your soul but do your due diligence to keep safe and make the experience as less burdensome as possible.

Remember the Law of Attraction and keep thoughts positive, sending out Light and Love as the storm rages. As Hurricane Irma ripped through the neighborhood, things whizzed around the house and trees fell, I went between merging with the storm adding Love/Light to it, watching a romantic comedy and reading the Book of One 🙂 for inspiration.

After the Storm

Electricity will be out as the majority rule so it is helpful to have a backup laptop battery. Telephones are convenient but cell phone coverage is very iffy based on my experience. Even with three phones, all different carriers (Comcast Internet- goes out when the electric goes out; T-Mobil and Trac Wireless ), I had no reception for two days and limited reception for another three days. My neighbor, on the other hand, had phone coverage (Metro) throughout and after the storm with no interruption.

Remember the Law of One and help those who need assistance if you can. Treat others as you wish to be treated and keep in mind that they may be dealing with more than just storm issues.

If body heat becomes an issue, limit activity, remove shoes, wet your head and sit under a fan. You can also apply the small frozen bottles of water to overheated areas to cool down.

Remember, there are some who take advantage of disasters and power outages. Neighborhood watches are helpful and it also helps to be friends with neighbors if security becomes an issue.

Be prepared to deal with plenty of yard cleanup and garbage that may not be picked up for weeks.

Helpful Links

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“Let’s discuss distractions today, shall we? As mom channels this, she is dealing with the distractions of street traffic, a small dog barking, and people talking periodically. This is the state humanity now finds its self in, dealing with distractions as it tries to recognize the true state of affairs on many different levels.

“I’d like to report that this will improve very quickly but, alas, it will not. And that is one reason many of the new souls are coming to earth at this time. That is the reason many older souls are finding themselves in the odd situations they now find themselves in. The reason for these distractions is to help both new and old souls to concentrate amid increasing distractions.

“If you can concentrate on performing tasks amid increasing distractions, you will achieve the greatest feat of all time, recognizing the True Self within. It is this True Self that is being kept at bay by not only those that chose as souls to not recognize it but also by those souls who came in to distract other souls from recognizing the true nature of humanity and thus ending the earth game.

“Yes, we are again discussing the end of the earth game as humanity knows it. This will be achieved by those souls who learn to perform amid distractions. So when you find yourself distracted by family, by friends, by world events, by every little thing, know that these distractions are helping you to stop and become more in tune with your own vibrational rate.

“Once you become in tune with your own vibrational rate you are better able to recognize that rate when distractions occur and hone it to perfection. By recognizing distractions for what they are, ploys to keep you from tuning into your True Self, you are better able to be that True Self on a more consistent basis.

“WOW out”

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Health, Peace of Mind, and Unity with Universal Mind

God is perfect health, perfect peace, and limitless love. This Divine Source flows through all things including me.

The presence of Infinite Intelligence operates freely within me stopping all negativity. Perfection flows through my blood, as I AM one with Divine Mind. Spirit allows me to grow. All negative senses are effortlessly replaced with a warm sense of my Oneness in essence, and experience, with All the Good There Is.

I give thanks to God that I AM guided by Infinite Intelligence clearing all thought of limitation.

Perfection manifests the Thing Itself within me throughout eternity as I release this treatment to the Law of Mind.

And So It Is!

From: “Prayer Treatments: Lightworker’s Log” through which energetic support surrounds you. Get a copy of “Prayer Treatments: Lightworker’s Log” and a FREE “True Vision CD,” to listen to before bedtime, for only $14 including shipping and handling in America, IF ORDERED THROUGH SAM. See Lightworkers Log for details. Find the book also at  Print Edition and Kindle Edition.

Living With Distractions

As this message came through, a small plane circled above the entire time. I’m now looking for the local Ben & Jerry’s that has free ice cream until 8 pm!

“How can we appreciate living in the present moment when we keep dwelling in the past? This is the issue of many in physical form, including my mother. Today we know that living in the present moment is the only way to exist for when we dwell on the past, what happened, what could have been, we stop our self from recognizing the beauty of each present moment.

“So how can we live in the present moment? It is a clear matter of choice. We choose to live in the present moment by appreciating each precious moment and stopping our self from dwelling in the past. This is easily done by careful monitoring of thought. Each thought bears an energy signature. Each thought results in a subsequent action, reaction or response. Each thought can carry the thinker to the past, the present or the future.

“It is only in the present moment that we are able to withstand daily pressures. It is only in the present moment that we are able to hone our senses and filter out distractions. And that is what this is all about. We are here during these times of unprecedented distractions to learn how to filter them out. ‘How’, you might ask? By being within them, by living within the very distractions we must learn to filter out. For it is only by living within distractions that one learns to live with them and yet filter them out.

“For instance, take the example of people who have lived in New York for their entire lives. Many of these people are uncomfortable in areas of silence to the point where they bring some kind of audio device to mimic their hometown, a mix of traffic, sirens, and everyday distractions to help them feel at home so sleep comes easily.

“Yes, it is through living within distractions that one finds the daring to trust and move beyond the course of events to create a stillness within one’s self. It is by living within the distractions that one learns the whole of silence is within waiting to be tapped into and explored. Live within the distractions to be able to live within each present moment for soon distractions will rule the day.

“WOW out”

From “After Death, Communications…WOW!” Find it only HERE! Visit Your Support to support these types of messages and for ascension tools and resources. Hone your intuition by watching the “Soul Tapping Workshop Video” to learn channeling tips. Visit Lightworker’s Log to schedule an Ascension Musing session.