Eureka Dream Moment

Humanity’s bodies of consciousness continue to expand, reaching into astral states during both waking and sleeping hours. In addition to reaching other states of awareness, dreams are often times when we use our sensory abilities to play in the less dense astral world, devoid of physical bodies. Remembering dreams helps to alert us of future probabilities, and so, with that in mind consider this recent dream…

Many of us were going to a place where there was to be some kind of big event. Parking was free, but we were all required to video this time, and we had to pay to video. In the dream, it seems as if everyone is shuttled onto trains with each holding about one-hundred people. There are many, many trains and only two tracks.

Everything is packed closely together, with people crammed together, as if mice in a box, and there is literally no space for anyone, except to stay on the trains. Our group is looking for an empty track to get on to experience the event, and at one point we enter a building. The lead person finds a door leading upward and begins to move upstairs. They reach the next level, with the rest of us in hot pursuit, but the door is locked preventing entry for anyone…

Consider this as a probability trying to cement humanity within it. But this probability is not succeeding because many of us who are consciously receiving incoming light codes are expanding our awareness and consciousness, and upon fully acclimating we shall collectively remain in a higher frequency timeline. (In addition to , find a wealth of information on geomagnetic frequencies at and )

Previously, minute humans known as ‘elites’ consciously kept humanity locked into lower states of controlling consciousness. They do this by repeatedly revisiting events and places to further cement the knowledge of them. (Remember this, Remember that, etc.) We are now at that point where the so-called elite are again stepping up efforts to keep people in lower states of consciousness, further cementing awareness of these lower states to block humanity from achieving higher states of consciousness. (People in some states of awareness know elites are merely our own aspects trying to prolong the game on earth.)

As usual, synchronicity prevails, and I’m led to this video. Don’t let the title fool you, the interview is really about manipulating energy, something we all can do. It holds many, many valuable insights gained through this woman’s experiments in cooperation with other scientists. Do yourself a favor and watch it! 

Clearly, the Planet Earth game is now changing in a big way for everyone as some souls experience gross limitation, while others bump up just like other civilizations such as the Mayans did in the past. Conscious use of the seven keys (emotions, thoughts, words, deeds, reactions, responses, and neutrality), to fully live by the Law of One, allows one to move onto a New Earth timeline.

Consider and play your role with intention for the highest good of ALL. Also, consider your current state of consciousness, and know, you hold the ability to bump it up by focusing on clearing any aspects of limitation. This can be achieved by revisiting memories that prompt strong reactions and changing them. There are several examples of this process in Lightworker’s Log 🙂 Transformation and Manifesting: Lightworker’s Log. If you are experiencing family power games and physical loss of loved ones the first two books in the “Lightworker’s Log Book Series” may assist you by prompting buried reactions. Experiences of good often increase when we concentrate on inspirational thoughts. Later books within the series inspire those of us that have completed the clearing and transmuting of limiting beliefs.

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