Tipping Point Achieved

Enjoy this Book Of One : – ) Volume 6 excerpt!

Taking the time to dwell on thoughts of Wholeness and Love serve one best at this time. As the world …. … Securing this utopia, the perfect place, location, state of mind, is easy to achieve when the tipping point of many humans reaches its crescendo. The opportunity to reach that crescendo is now here as …
The  … sense this change from the darkest reaches of duality to the more secure place, location, state of mind of Oneness, of Unity, of all upon and within the Earth.
Coming days shall fill with what may be referred to as increased chaos, confusion, and darkness, but let this not dismay the place, location, state of mind of those in the meditative state, for as each degree of Light is increased the chaos, confusion, and darkness of duality, of separation, struggles relentlessly to continue to exist. And yet, …. Know that as each human form continues to let go of … within the time/space continuum.
We leave you now knowing this truth is already achieved, and…  consciously the human form through which it lives and interacts.”
While meditating and envisioning a more life-affirming Earth, see within your minds eye, people laughing, hugging, shaking hands, playing, talking together in groups, planting and tending life-sustaining crops, building the New Earth for all upon and within her, happily, lovingly, and in unity, free from any limitation whatsoever. This is how we cement the New Earth. This is how we live upon the New Earth in a frequency of Wholeness, Truth, Harmony, Love, and total Unity, the Oneness of which we truly are.
Consider envisioning easy mind teleportation to resources within this New Earth that are freely available to all such as:
  • Elders gather with children for mutual sharing/learning;
  • Organic, life-sustaining crops are planted and tended;
  • Spring Water filled with natural untainted minerals and nutrients abounds;
  • Co-creators gather to manifest every life-affirming resource in Unity Consciousness;
  • Bartering remains unnecessary as all needs and life-affirming desires are easily met;
  • Sound and color Healing Temples;
  • Spiritual venues abound;
  • Recreational activities of every life-affirming kind;
  • Life-affirming arts and entertainment;
  • Education for all who desire it.

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