Standing By

Enjoy this Book Of One 🙂 Volume 6 Excerpt!

“As propensities and perceptions continue to change at an accelerated pace upon Mother Earth there are many who wait in the wings to assist, harbingers of the New Earth, the Earth of Oneness and Light. Each harbinger carries a unique frequency held in the lei lines and coalesced within the grid of humanity.

“Knowing this truth, those now waiting in the wings can be assured, guidance continues; support is always available; ready-made plans await those ready to step up to the plate of assistance for those still lost in the Matrix of learning what is through what is not.

“Be assured, those humans waiting in the wings are plentiful, more than enough to quell the questions, to answer the call to awareness of Truth; ye are gods in matter on a quest to become awakened to what you truly are.”

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