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Talents and Skills of SAM

SAM (Sharon Ann Meyer)


SAM I AM PROductions originated after 28 years of honing digital technology skills. It is a true expression of my talents and gifts and what I have to balance giving and receiving in the world. My Internet technology skills were refined and defined through working with numerous personal pages and business sites such as HIV ReSources, Wake-Up DAD’s Website and Lightworker’s Log . The ability to reach wider audiences came after writing, editing, formatting and publishing fifteen books. All these skills make it possible for me to assist others.

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SAM I AM PROductions
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Fort Lauderdale, FL 33339-9385

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SAM I AM PROductions helps humanity’s ascension using Internet Technology and videos. We offer inspirational and thought provoking blogs, books, audios and videos with practical tools and messages based on experience in this and other realms of reality.