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Global Food Supply

“Just over a century ago some farmers decided to till sold land. This area is now called America’s Heartland, and it is this Heartland that is now being taken over by what may be referred to as those with a desire to control the global food supply. It is not our wish as a WE Consciousness to cause alarm, but we do desire to alert humanity of a probability that could result in dire consequences.

“Assuring the leverage of various means to secure other packs of land, to till the soil of already secured plots of land, and to insure the safeguard of these lands is now necessary to balance the abundance of healthy crops grown on farmland. Assuring this abundance for humanity’s harvest table will create a void within what may be referred to as the elite’s plan to take over the global food supply. This mighty effort has begun in many sectors of the world, and it is through this effort that America’s tables shall be laden with the healthy sustenance not offered by those sources wishing to control all aspects of the world.

“Remain in place as these sequences of probability unfold, and know that the awareness of probabilities helps to stem the unfoldment of dire consequences, by meeting these probabilities with alternate probabilities, thereby flushing out plans of a darker regime.

“We are the White Winged Consciousness Of Nine flowing through this channel as she continues to move through what may seem as arduous times caused by what appear as gross dysfunctions in bodily functions, and yet it is all, and shall continue to be, a necessary consequence of continuing to stay upon an ever-changing Planet Earth.”

For the past few years farmers have reported of attempts to stop the growing of healthy food, and I have experience numerous food shortages in healthy foods usually purchased, so this message did not come as too much of a surprise. Having already tried numerous times to unsuccessfully grow vegetables from both store secured so-called organic seeds and so-called organic vegetables, I rise to begin a test to see if I can successfully grow a windowsill garden (despite community rules against having anything on windowsills) using heritage seeds secured online. It’s necessary to give away more than twenty healthy tomato seedlings less than a month later, for I mistakenly (there are no mistakes) planted more tomato seeds than the desired more cilantro. A gardening neighbor, never interacted with before is very happy to accept numerous healthy small tomato plants, and two weeks later nine more people are happy to accept tomato plants as well.

The four remaining tomato plants (in square gallon, see-through plastic water bottles) are already blooming flowers. I am designing stakes of wooden pencils glued together to support them. I also have five very healthy beets growing in two-liter, plastic bottles, and lots of healthy and great tasting cilantro as well! The see-through plastic bottles make it easy for me to see when they need water, instead of over watering plants as I used to do. And the above mentioned bottles fit very nicely on the windowsill, allowing louvers to close at night.

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Book of One Series
Book of One : – ) Volume 1

Book of One : – ) Volume 2

Book of One : – ) Volume 3

Book of One : – ) Volume 4

Book of One : – ) Volume 4 Lightworker’s Log helps humanity to deal with world events and body changes. It holds various insights, extraordinary experiences, notes signs of body changes for those choosing to evolve with Mother Earth and offers affirmations and conscious living tips. You’ll relate to this book deeply if you are beginning to awaken, have felt a connection to the Oneness of life and All That Is, or are aware that you are here to spread the Light of One. You’ll enjoy this book regardless of your state of awareness for it holds a wealth of information and ascension tools.
Book of One : – ) Volume 5
Book Of One : – ) Volume 5

This volume, Book of One : – ) Volume 5: Group Consciousness Messages helps readers to understand the role of higher realm Group Consciousness in humanity’s ascension. Inspiring messages from groups such as the White Winged Consciousness Of Nine, Lemurian Council Of Twelve and the Galactic Federation reach people in different states of wakefulness, while relating earth and ethereal events during humanity’s ascension. SAM also shares various extraordinary experiences making this volume an excellent bedside companion. You’ll enjoy this book regardless of your state of awareness for the messages within it serve as reminders from Home, relate current events, and hint at what’s ahead for humanity. This volume holds an Index to make finding topics of interest much easier.
Book Of One : – ) Volume 6!

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