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Galactic Federation: 2024

“We are the Galactic Federation and we are here to report. Major changes for your planet are closer than ever before. As your year 2023 concludes, and the year 2024 unfolds, these major changes of stepping up in consciousness shall be made for many humans now holding the bee hive consciousness of Oneness, Equality, Abundance, Wholeness, Health, and Truth for all.
“We do not wish to alarm those not seeking this change in experience, but leaving behind the limiting consciousness—savored for so long in eons of lifetimes—is considered to be the best choice to avoid unnecessary hardships that shall continue to occur to those remaining in lower states of consciousness. Seeking only to change the consciousness within one’s self is best during this time as humanity makes this quantum forward leap in consciousness.
“We, the Galactic Federation of Nine, are here to guide and continue to support all, regardless of choice in experience and expression. Know that moving forward into the 2024 year will continue to challenge many as the letting go of all belief systems continues with attempts to keep one in a steady familiar state. Leaving this state of awareness to enter what many say is to be in the flow is the best course of action to allow the flow to carry you into the necessary state that reaps the abundance of humanity’s 2024 year.
“The great shift many have spoken of and waited for is only in the minds of those who are ready and willing to let go of the old habits and propensities keeping one within a steady familiar state.
“We leave you now, and know the treasures you seek as a whole of humanity shall continue to unfold in rapid pace for those holding a beehive consciousness of Oneness, Equality, Abundance, Wholeness, Health, and Peace for all.”
Support your Self or a loved one with an inspiring bedside companion. Many multidimensional experiences are documented throughout the “Lightworker’s Log Book Series”.
Many people are realizing that life on earth is not all it appears to be. As some people, Sharon Ann Meyer (aka SAM) became more aware of this fact upon the transition of her son. She was guided to publish a book about family power games four years later in 2008. Now guided to quickly assist humanity, as if on an unknown schedule, SAM then published a book every year for the next fifteen years. The “Lightworker’s Log Book Series” unfolds as SAM reveals each step of her way to spiritual awakening. Each book in the series relates ascension tools and tips, and multidimensional experiences coupled with increasing awareness of greater states of the reality in which humanity functions. This multi-dimensionality can be confusing if not clearly identified as such and is now being experienced by many people at increasing rates. Her thirteenth book “After Death Communications…WOW!” consists of channeled material seeming to come after her daughter’s chosen transition.
The entire “Lightworker’s Log Book Series” assists those who are beginning to realize there is more to life than previously thought. The series offers verification, inspiration, and timely tips to help humanity move though the Matrix to FREEDOM from limitation. Later books in the series are more in tune with those already awakened and well on the path. As of October 2023, the “Lightworker’s Log Book Series” consists of 19 books.
The hardcover Serendipitous Egyptian Initiatic Journey: A Sacred Experience Of Transmuting Energies is now available “Serendipitous Egyptian Initiatic Journey: A Sacred Experience Of Transmuting Energies”.

Consciousness Expands Beyond The Reach Of Humanity

It is time to remember your true roots, those of which have festered beyond the bubbling cauldrons of unspeakable acts by those desiring to restrain humanity from further evolution. It is but for a short time that humanity shall continue on its current path. Those seeking greater aspects of consciousness continue to awaken at rapid rates, and many now are seeking to learn of from whence they came. This knowledge is kept tightly sealed by what appears as the powers that be, but within those so-called powers are those that now desire to disclose the truth.

Humanity and all aspects of life continue to expand in consciousness, and evolve from galactic systems far beyond the comprehension of the usual human consciousness.

Know that in these coming months disclosures will continue to unfold leading all to the truth that humanity can no longer be sequestered within what seems a boxed-in closed system negating further evolution. It is in the best interest of those now awakened to stand back knowing the truth that awakening continues at unprecedented rates, for not only humanity, but all systems of consciousness upon the planet known as earth.

Coming days shall continue to be filled with the chaos and confusion manipulated by what appears as the powers that be, with attempts to keep humanity within the closed system of consciousness. These attempts, however, shall be quelled by galactic efforts, streams of consciousness creating further evolutionary awakening for all within and upon planet earth.

Take these words not lightly, for knowing the truth of humanity’s origins shall flip states of consciousness in manners yet unforeseen.

Galactic streams of consciousness continue to stream into earth’s atmospheres, and it is via these streams that evolutionary consciousness continues to take on more of the true roots from which they derive. Know this and be secure in the truth. The consciousness of all has evolved for those within a closed system, which now features an ever-widening stream of freedom.

We are yet to be, and yet we are, for all is One, inclusive consciousness devoid of separation, nor chaos. Those wishing to place a name upon the seeming channeled aspects of consciousness may be surprised and pleased to know they derive from within the very consciousness of single points of experience and expression, expanding, merging into what can be referred to as a bee hive of consciousness with one mind and purpose, to awaken to further express and expand in unique ways.

Support your Self or a loved one by purchasing an inspiring bedside companion. Many multidimensional experiences are documented throughout the “Lightworker’s Log Book Series”.

We are each a piece of the matrix puzzle and upon sharing open up possibilities to meet and compare notes with similar minds to boost the frequency of everything and everyone. Consider and play your role with intention for the highest good of ALL.
Comments, questions and suggestions are welcome at the Contact Page. The paypal account has been closed as a means of WALKING OUR TALK by not feeding aberrant energies that attempt to control by limiting access to funds. Use the above associated links to purchase books. Mailing address: SAM, P.O. Box 39385, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33339-9385.
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