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Docile People Awakening

Docile people of earth now move forward to become readily engaged in the awakening process as higher realms look on and support. As these earth times continue to erupt into chaos at every turn, those yet seeking separation bear the brunt of her angers, woes and apparent misgivings at having portrayed a world of deceit and lies, engaged in by those many souls seeking finality of the earth game, by balancing earth lives in this experience to fill with harmful actions upon all those who seek to awaken to the truth of BEing. This BEing is not of earth but recognized in the so-called earth state through what is not, for it is only though the experience of what is not that a soul comes full circle to the truth of being One, Almighty force of Nature, experiencing, yet again, another illicit experience and expression of separation.

All those in higher realms of consciousness, many more than ever before upon earth at this stage, now hold and radiate the Light of One for those yet not ready to move into this state of awareness. Consciousness creeps ever so slowly upon those still unwilling to forgo the illusion of power and control. And yet, those holding the Light of One are ever so willing and able to hold that consciousness for the rest of humanity still living in experience of mind, in darkness.

Let one be clear, all is experience upon earth, illusionary at best, yet experience as in a human form to level up in consciousness and become the master teachers for those souls yet in the game of expression and expansion of consciousness within the small self of One. And yet, a much larger, grander picture is breaking though the ethers of space and time to clear all misthought and allow the veil of illusion to lift, quicker than ever before in the human game.

It is with the greatest respect that those of higher realms, aspects of the very own small self of humanity watch and cheer on those aspects ready to merge more fully with Christ Consciousness. The Monad of each human now settles into consciousness for those ready to accept this expansive state of being.

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Multi-Generational Beliefs

We are those aspects of you yet unrecognized. Humanity now moves quickly through Multi-Generational beliefs. These beliefs have held humanity back for a very long time. These beliefs are now being brought forth into the mainstream of humanity’s thought. As these beliefs continue to rise, the chaos on your earth increases. And yet all is, as you say, in Divine Order as this Divine Timing allows more aspects of humanity to process and clear mis-thoughts from Multi-Generations.

As humanity moves through this process of clearing these mis-thoughts, these patterns of thoughts that are in error, as many would say, know that each mirror presented carries a belief to be considered. Know that as one considers this belief, the belief of Multi-Generations, it is time to clear the mis-thoughts within the matrix of illusion.

Remember, humanity is but an aspect of All That Is, the void of darkness, in dense physical form now returning to the lighter aspects of its own self to clear, to process, to cleanse, to transmute all mis-thought and return to the Wholeness that it is. This is in humanity’s game a long process. Once Wholeness is achieved in all aspects the game continues, changing, moving toward that aspect of consciousness that never left the Mother Void.

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“All is well as you incorporate greater aspects of each part of your figment, the figment of All That Is. As you incorporate these aspects, you shall experience greater periods of multidimensionality, more times spent in other parts of the illusion matrix. This is a necessary course of events for all aspects to coalesce before dissipating back to the grandness of All That Is. And yet, you know in the deep recesses of soul that even you are illusion. But as told throughout time, each figment, as you call yourself, must join with all others to return in entirety.”

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