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Speck of Illusion

Remember, don’t sweat the small stuff, and yes, it is all small stuff. As the world seems to go deeper and deeper into an unrecognizable state of disarray, keep steady with the knowledge that you are, when all is said and done, just a mere speck of illusion in a world of illusion made, seemingly, through the use of emotion and feeling, causing effects to seem to be felt upon a physical body in a physical world.

As the rabbit’s hole widens, keep your own perspective by assuring that what you put into your field of awareness is life-affirming, for that’s the only way to avoid what appears as ‘games of other people.’ Know that as the winter months unfold into a frenzy of forgetfulness for what seems as many people, keeping your eye on the ball, your very own consciousness, will get you through.

Events will continue to change, and with each change comes further downloads of higher energies, better and more life-affirming ways to live; and yet, not all will choose to experience these higher life-affirming ways, so be aware of surroundings and keep what you refer to as a ‘low profile’ to avoid getting caught up in the matrix of deceit that appears to attract many people.

It is with the greatest respect that we, aspects of your very own Self, guide and watch over what seems as a separate you. Know you are never alone and guided every moment of every day and night.

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There has never been a time more greater to play our role in this human drama, so recognize yours and reach out to those with the same role to play it to the HILT! Fully knowing my role, I do feel a moral responsibility, to assure that people know all sides of what appears now as a single narrative now forcefully designed to eliminate verifiable and factual occurrences, which will educate people and cause much pause for thought before acting. Find reliable information that you can verify on your own with the provided research links each week at http://www.thehighwire.com. PLEASE watch this interview of a man who worked for many of the ‘biggies’ making vaccines. It will be most likely alarming to all but especially to those that have received their so-called cure:

Important Interview For Humanity

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Leaving Physicality

“We are the White Winged Consciousness of Nine and we wish all to know, all are loved and watched over very carefully despite the tumultuous activities upon your earth. As these New Earth energies continue to settle there are many things we shall relate in time. This is not to say that your time on the New Earth will always be filled with turmoil but to relate that despite what one may experience all is indeed in Divine Order. This is, after all, a soul choice to experience life in physicality, to experience what it is like to forget ones true roots, to experience what it is like to return to those true roots after many believe there is no such thing but turmoil, chaos and disruption.

“We are here as a group of souls long ago having experienced earth life to relate, all is not lost, for nothing is gained nor loss in your experience. This may seem ill advised to believe but we want all to know your experience is yours alone, based on eons of thought forms and decisions left upon the old earth form from the beginning of your decision (as a soul) to experience physicality. We want all to know; as we did, you too shall return to the living and BEing experience in all aspects when your soul’s experience has reached its end. That time has come and is coming for many souls now upon your earth. These souls chose to leave the earth experience to continue a journey of experience in other realms of existence before finally returning in all aspects to the Truth of BEing, which no form has ever left in True Reality. This may seem difficult to follow but know all on earth chose to experience physicality as souls. All on earth are now making the decision to leave this game, if you will, or return to the full knowingness that ye are not only gods of matter but so powerful that ye have experienced life in physicality without ever leaving the Whole of One.

“All on the New Earth now conclude their journey and return to the joy of BEing, of knowing the Truth has never left their essence of awareness. It is only in the small mind of mind that one appears experiencing life in physical form.

“We leave you today with this thought: Is it your time to leave physicality? If so, perhaps you may wish to welcome the energies of Oneness and Love those within your current dream.”

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