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Vacuuming Party

“The vacuuming party remains one step ahead as humanity moves through a process of mass awakening. The vacuuming party remains one step ahead clearing debris along the path of awakening as humanity moves forward en masse. Current times are not to be experienced by those enmeshed in the throes of separation, for these individuals are unable to withstand unrelenting greater frequencies of assistance.

“Those remaining on earth in coming days, months, and years shall continue to be enmeshed within an open-mind system of constant change. Moving through these challenging times one can clearly see consistent assistance within circles of similar mindsets. These local communities continue to form and exist throughout Mother Earth in various countries making it possible to further create the beehive consciousness, which is the goal of the Kingdom of Souls.

“All now within the earth game of illusion are here to play hefty roles while moving through this clearing process. The way, the path must be further cleared of the debris caused by confusion and chaos, and those souls having chosen to be more involved in assisting with the upliftment of humanity to greater frequencies continue to move within a steady flow of beehive consciousness. This consciousness includes not only those souls on earth but greater frequencies within the source of all things.

“Know that in coming days in your year 2024, the path to further awakening and moving into an existence of life living within the true self shall continue to be cleared, not only by those souls upon earth which have chosen this role, but greater incoming frequencies. Prepare for this process by remaining in steady states of time in silent mediation, with a purified body and mind seeking only for the highest good of all, which goes massively beyond a focus solely on humanity.

“Know that each human, unique individual plays a role in forming this beehive consciousness regardless of roles chosen as souls, for even those leaving the state of physicality are here to contribute.

“Sisters and brothers of light, higher consciousnesses, beings, and atoms of light reside within each unique, human individual, and are now ready to awaken through the conscious effort of those bodies of consciousness awake and aware.”

More communications and Author’s Notes are in the Book Of One Series, After Death Communications…WOW!, and the hardcover Proficient Wisdom: Scratching The Surface.