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Human Seeds

You are a human seed planted in the soil of humanity to blossom. You are not the only human seed on this earth. There are many human seeds, souls, planted in humanity to grow and spurt forth when the time is right. The time, my dear, is now. Know that as humanity moves through this leg, if you will, time of massive change; there are many upon your earth who are firmly planted within the grid of humanity to hold and carry the Light of One. It is through this process of spurting forth the Light of One that humanity shall also blossom and grow.

The seeds of humanity need no water to speak of, water being an outside source, and yet, it is, as you say, in human form water is a necessary part of the human process. But we speak of water in a different manner, as a way to note an outside force not needed, for each seed spurts forth on it’s own volition, having as a soul chosen to be precisely where it is at the precise time to make a difference in humanity. The seeds of humanity have spurted forth on many occasions throughout your history, mainly as single blossoms, such as many refer to as ‘Tesla,’ as ‘Edison,’ as those who make major differences within your society. And yet, at this time there are many, many more seeds of humanity that have agreed, as souls, to be planted firmly within the consciousness, within the state of awareness of Oneness as a group. This group of seed souls, if you will, many not recognizing their role but soon to recognize this role in the days to come, now begins to spurt forth through the seed planted within the soil of humanity.

We of the Higher Realms watch closely knowing that no soul’s plan shall be altered by any outside force without complicit consent of the human with the free will housing that soul. It is an unfortunate event that many humans now use their free will to make uneducated, uninformed choices thinking there is only one choice to be made. We wish to address those doing so at this time. Your human choice will now lead into a spiral of darkness that many will not be able to spiral out of in this lifetime. However there are a few within humanity who have used their free will choice being uninformed of the true state of possibilities that shall at one point within the spiral of darkness recognize the true state of possibilities before them. These humans shall also join those seeds of humanity now spreading forth at a much later time in humanity’s progress.

It is with caution that we ask those now tapping into the Source of Oneness to achieve this great feat within the soil of humanity to remain within steadfast in the mission before them, to act as role models, to assist when sought and to stand back and not cause undue interference amongst those souls making their free will choices uninformed as they may seem to be. For yet, as the channel knows, the states of awareness within humanity are vast and widespread and these states offer unique experiences that allow humanity to be the unique conglomeration of souls that it is. We your Sisters and Brothers of Higher Realms now leave this channel knowing it is in through course of time that all of humanity shall once again seek guidance only from their own Higher Self.

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Docile People Awakening

Docile people of earth now move forward to become readily engaged in the awakening process as higher realms look on and support. As these earth times continue to erupt into chaos at every turn, those yet seeking separation bear the brunt of her angers, woes and apparent misgivings at having portrayed a world of deceit and lies, engaged in by those many souls seeking finality of the earth game, by balancing earth lives in this experience to fill with harmful actions upon all those who seek to awaken to the truth of BEing. This BEing is not of earth but recognized in the so-called earth state through what is not, for it is only though the experience of what is not that a soul comes full circle to the truth of being One, Almighty force of Nature, experiencing, yet again, another illicit experience and expression of separation.

All those in higher realms of consciousness, many more than ever before upon earth at this stage, now hold and radiate the Light of One for those yet not ready to move into this state of awareness. Consciousness creeps ever so slowly upon those still unwilling to forgo the illusion of power and control. And yet, those holding the Light of One are ever so willing and able to hold that consciousness for the rest of humanity still living in experience of mind, in darkness.

Let one be clear, all is experience upon earth, illusionary at best, yet experience as in a human form to level up in consciousness and become the master teachers for those souls yet in the game of expression and expansion of consciousness within the small self of One. And yet, a much larger, grander picture is breaking though the ethers of space and time to clear all misthought and allow the veil of illusion to lift, quicker than ever before in the human game.

It is with the greatest respect that those of higher realms, aspects of the very own small self of humanity watch and cheer on those aspects ready to merge more fully with Christ Consciousness. The Monad of each human now settles into consciousness for those ready to accept this expansive state of being.

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Ethereal Forms

“We are ethereal forms in essence, in Truth, in Light. This form is merely a stones throw away for those in your world who have chosen to return to the essence of BEing, as originally experienced in this realm of earth.

“Many forms now take on more denseness of earth as great changes, cataclysms, change the shape, the form, the consciousness of earth. Many humans are not yet aware of the truth of BEing. These humans shall continue to experience greater aspects of the denseness of humanity’s choice to leave ethereal form. This ethereal form will be unavailable to those living in separation, for only those remembering the Oneness first experienced in form upon earth will return to this original Light Of One.

“Recall the Light Of One was not dense. The Light Of One contained all of those unique essences, aspects of All That Is desiring to experience life in other richness of BEing. And yet, many of these aspects chose to not return to the Light Of One until all experience balanced in a manner where the experience was sought, experienced and balanced. This meaning all Light and all darkness experienced by those wishing/desiring to experience the Oneness in other aspects of BEing.

“We White Winged Consciousness of Nine are with you now as many chose to return to the Light Of One. This

We Are One!

possibility is greater upon remaining within the non-separation of thought. Most thought forms on your earth full of denseness will continue for people not desiring the Oneness of all life. We shall leave you with this Truth: All are One; all exist within the continuity of One. All exist within the realm in which all experiences return to the Oneness of the Light Of One.”

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Channel The Light Of One

“It is of the utmost importance to channel the Light of One as your earth moves through these energetic changes. Much separation continues to play out in your world. The Oneness in which all live in Truth is readily available for those that know of it. We are the White Winged Consciousness of Nine and we are here to help those within this Oneness devoid of separation.

“The Truth of your BEing is one, one Truth, one Light, one life in which all unique aspects of the Whole reside. Know that as your earth moves through these energetic changes the chaos of separation increases for those choosing not to experience Oneness. Yes, it is a soul choice. And please recall, there is no right nor wrong in your world. Each soul chooses each life experience before birth and each soul experiences the choices of that soul plan using free will and choice.

“Many humans are not yet ready to return in all aspects to the Oneness in which each unique aspect of All That Is truly resides. Know that as your earth changes this separation will continue to be more rampant.

“It is of the utmost importance for those experiencing the Oneness of All That Is to continue to draw in the Light of One as these energies permeate your earth. Each human is guided in their own way. Know that as these energies continue to permeate your earth all are guided within this Oneness of Light to take in this Oneness, take in this Light, to maintain and increase the vibrational aspects of the Whole of One.

“Know that as your earth changes we of the unseen realms are here to help all those wishing to hold within and reflect, and radiate, this Light of Oneness. We leave you now with this blessing: You are loved beyond your human comprehension. Guidance of unseen realms continues to support all those reflecting and radiating the Oneness of Truth.”

There will be times when one awakens, still on the cusp of sleep, sensing they are receiving downloads of light. This light is best assimilated when acknowledged and accepted as these downloads occur. Upon sensing this light coming into the crown chakra, envision it moving down the spine to the feet and back up again in an arc on each side outside of the body to again join with the stream of Light coming from unseen realms, seeming to be above ones head and body. Continue this process for as long as comfortable knowing that all have not left the Oneness. Yet, each plays it’s own game within this illusion. The next step is to radiate the Light held within to the world and beyond.

Experiences of good often increase when we concentrate on inspirational thoughts. Find more channeled messages in Book of One 🙂 Volume 2, “Book of One 🙂 Volume 1″ available through New Leaf Distributing, and Volumes 3-5; visit SAM I AM Productions to support the author by purchasing books there and not through greedy corporations. Loving You!