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Lifting Veils Warrant Attention

As earth continues to adjust to higher frequencies those upon her continue to adjust as well. Among other signs, one may notice periods of repeated varying temperatures, hot then cold, throughout this process as downloads of frequencies continue to bombard the earth field and surrounding areas. As one who has moved through this process many, many times, those on earth are masters at this morphing opportunity. Allow no one to tell you you are a limited being, but know, without a doubt, you are and always have been an unlimited aspect of Source, an aspect of all that is living, moving, and having being within the great void beyond all time and space.

As these steady downloads of frequencies continue it is best to allow certain things to take place, setting aside old worn out habits and rituals. Many note these hints, if you will, but they do bear repeating:

– Stay hydrated with Spring Water (Bottled at the Source is best).
– Maintain a diet of organics, steering clear of additives, GMOs and other heavy food sources in the form of meats. Yet, allow fasting periods and periods where the body may require added protein in the form most suited for each individual and period of time.
– Rest to incorporate these frequencies fluidly — the body does much of it’s re-setting while it is asleep or lying still.
– Love yourself; care for the body; listen and do what feels comfortable.
– Gentle exercise moves energy, releases blockages & encourages proper energy flow.
– Wear crystals to enhance the electromagnetic field & raise vibration.
– Avoid lowering of the vibrational rate through steady monitoring of thoughts, words and deeds.

Know that all are carefully watched and guided, although many may not listen to the subtle soul clues. As the earth continues to lift her veils of illusion so too does the human form, in segments, individually, and steadily, to progress in its evolutionary phase. Many on earth are not yet ready to evolve beyond their current state but shall remain locked in drama and limitation. Allow these beloved souls to continue the human earth experience as they wish to maintain your own vibrational rate.

For those seeking ways to raise and maintain the vibrational rate there are many choices, among them:

* Seek inner guidance.
* Do what gives you joy, sing, laugh, dance, and be creative.
* Employ a daily spiritual practice like meditation, chanting mantras, or envisioning the Earth as one heart-based consciousness.
* Lead with your heart ~ Use the waves of energy in a positive way.
* Use the calming mantra “AUM”; repeat it aloud with a long slow tone.

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We are each a piece of the matrix puzzle and upon sharing open up possibilities to meet and compare notes with similar minds to boost the frequency of everything and everyone. Consider and play your role with intention for the highest good of ALL.
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Loving You!

Channel The Light Of One

“It is of the utmost importance to channel the Light of One as your earth moves through these energetic changes. Much separation continues to play out in your world. The Oneness in which all live in Truth is readily available for those that know of it. We are the White Winged Consciousness of Nine and we are here to help those within this Oneness devoid of separation.

“The Truth of your BEing is one, one Truth, one Light, one life in which all unique aspects of the Whole reside. Know that as your earth moves through these energetic changes the chaos of separation increases for those choosing not to experience Oneness. Yes, it is a soul choice. And please recall, there is no right nor wrong in your world. Each soul chooses each life experience before birth and each soul experiences the choices of that soul plan using free will and choice.

“Many humans are not yet ready to return in all aspects to the Oneness in which each unique aspect of All That Is truly resides. Know that as your earth changes this separation will continue to be more rampant.

“It is of the utmost importance for those experiencing the Oneness of All That Is to continue to draw in the Light of One as these energies permeate your earth. Each human is guided in their own way. Know that as these energies continue to permeate your earth all are guided within this Oneness of Light to take in this Oneness, take in this Light, to maintain and increase the vibrational aspects of the Whole of One.

“Know that as your earth changes we of the unseen realms are here to help all those wishing to hold within and reflect, and radiate, this Light of Oneness. We leave you now with this blessing: You are loved beyond your human comprehension. Guidance of unseen realms continues to support all those reflecting and radiating the Oneness of Truth.”

There will be times when one awakens, still on the cusp of sleep, sensing they are receiving downloads of light. This light is best assimilated when acknowledged and accepted as these downloads occur. Upon sensing this light coming into the crown chakra, envision it moving down the spine to the feet and back up again in an arc on each side outside of the body to again join with the stream of Light coming from unseen realms, seeming to be above ones head and body. Continue this process for as long as comfortable knowing that all have not left the Oneness. Yet, each plays it’s own game within this illusion. The next step is to radiate the Light held within to the world and beyond.

Experiences of good often increase when we concentrate on inspirational thoughts. Find more channeled messages in Book of One 🙂 Volume 2, “Book of One 🙂 Volume 1″ available through New Leaf Distributing, and Volumes 3-5; visit SAM I AM Productions to support the author by purchasing books there and not through greedy corporations. Loving You!

Behaviors During Energy Downloads

“Behaviors will change with these downloads of Light, Consciousness/Energy. These behaviors will change with those taking on the Light as well as those not assimilating the Light so effectively or efficiently. Humans unaware of the process do not assimilate the Light as effectively or efficiently. Those not choosing to undergo the process will return to the New Earth to assimilate the process at other times in humanity’s awareness.

“Yes, in your small mind of one, all is illusion, as in the Course (A Course In Miracles), and yet as you move through this illusion, is it not easier to know these things to help you move through them more smoothly and fluidly? This is the question we ask the channel as she continues to repeatedly question.

“Know, assimilating these energies are best done as discussed in previous channels. Rest is of the utmost importance as is hydration and a lighter diet. The exercise is not as important as these waves are coming though for the body is taxed to the utmost adjusting with these waves. The mineral composition of the body is changing drastically and of course, many are requiring additional minerals, magnesium to be specific. There are other minerals and requirements the human form takes on as these changes coalesce more fluidly on the earth. Each is guided in its own way.

“We, the Lemurian Council Of Twelve, will continue to be with those who wish to be guided. Remember, all here now were on, in, the consciousness of Lemuria. The true state of humanity is not a dense human form as it is now; that form is finally moving back to the form we held as true Lemurians. Know that as this process unfolds, those wishing to move though it will move through it with more fluidity and grace when seeking the guidance of their own unique aspects.

“We are Lemurian Council Of Twelve and we are here to help humanity adjust back to the frequency it held so effortlessly upon first arrival on planet earth. We ask you to choose your awareness and to remember that that choice can always be changed. We are One. In Peace, the Lights evolve within you.”

Experiences of good often increase when we concentrate on inspirational thoughts. Find more channeled messages in Book of One 🙂 Volume 2, “Book of One 🙂 Volume 1″ available through New Leaf Distributing, and Volumes 3-5; visit SAM I AM Productions to support the author by purchasing books there and not through greedy corporations. Loving You!