Channel The Light Of One

“It is of the utmost importance to channel the Light of One as your earth moves through these energetic changes. Much separation continues to play out in your world. The Oneness in which all live in Truth is readily available for those that know of it. We are the White Winged Consciousness of Nine and we are here to help those within this Oneness devoid of separation.

“The Truth of your BEing is one, one Truth, one Light, one life in which all unique aspects of the Whole reside. Know that as your earth moves through these energetic changes the chaos of separation increases for those choosing not to experience Oneness. Yes, it is a soul choice. And please recall, there is no right nor wrong in your world. Each soul chooses each life experience before birth and each soul experiences the choices of that soul plan using free will and choice.

“Many humans are not yet ready to return in all aspects to the Oneness in which each unique aspect of All That Is truly resides. Know that as your earth changes this separation will continue to be more rampant.

“It is of the utmost importance for those experiencing the Oneness of All That Is to continue to draw in the Light of One as these energies permeate your earth. Each human is guided in their own way. Know that as these energies continue to permeate your earth all are guided within this Oneness of Light to take in this Oneness, take in this Light, to maintain and increase the vibrational aspects of the Whole of One.

“Know that as your earth changes we of the unseen realms are here to help all those wishing to hold within and reflect, and radiate, this Light of Oneness. We leave you now with this blessing: You are loved beyond your human comprehension. Guidance of unseen realms continues to support all those reflecting and radiating the Oneness of Truth.”

There will be times when one awakens, still on the cusp of sleep, sensing they are receiving downloads of light. This light is best assimilated when acknowledged and accepted as these downloads occur. Upon sensing this light coming into the crown chakra, envision it moving down the spine to the feet and back up again in an arc on each side outside of the body to again join with the stream of Light coming from unseen realms, seeming to be above ones head and body. Continue this process for as long as comfortable knowing that all have not left the Oneness. Yet, each plays it’s own game within this illusion. The next step is to radiate the Light held within to the world and beyond.

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