Ethereal Forms

“We are ethereal forms in essence, in Truth, in Light. This form is merely a stones throw away for those in your world who have chosen to return to the essence of BEing, as originally experienced in this realm of earth.

“Many forms now take on more denseness of earth as great changes, cataclysms, change the shape, the form, the consciousness of earth. Many humans are not yet aware of the truth of BEing. These humans shall continue to experience greater aspects of the denseness of humanity’s choice to leave ethereal form. This ethereal form will be unavailable to those living in separation, for only those remembering the Oneness first experienced in form upon earth will return to this original Light Of One.

“Recall the Light Of One was not dense. The Light Of One contained all of those unique essences, aspects of All That Is desiring to experience life in other richness of BEing. And yet, many of these aspects chose to not return to the Light Of One until all experience balanced in a manner where the experience was sought, experienced and balanced. This meaning all Light and all darkness experienced by those wishing/desiring to experience the Oneness in other aspects of BEing.

“We White Winged Consciousness of Nine are with you now as many chose to return to the Light Of One. This

We Are One!

possibility is greater upon remaining within the non-separation of thought. Most thought forms on your earth full of denseness will continue for people not desiring the Oneness of all life. We shall leave you with this Truth: All are One; all exist within the continuity of One. All exist within the realm in which all experiences return to the Oneness of the Light Of One.”

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