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Amassing Light

Your world is amassing great quantities of light; one needs to know what to do with this process. In the beginning when souls were young, the form they held was of pure light, consciousness in action, and all was ethereal, air of little substance, if you will. As time went on the need to experience greater quantities of light and lesser quantities of ethereal matter made it necessary for souls to eliminate the light held, little by little, bit by bit until the now human held form was achieved. As the world continues to spin out of control for many unaware of the true reasons, a return to the star being from which it came, so too does the human form spin, weave its essence to now take on more light and let go of the density it holds, little by little, bit by bit. This great achievement will not come to fruition in your lifetime, to return to the original ethereal form, but it will take on less density of substance and more light.

As this occurs, one must remember to treat the body with the utmost respect, less food and food of lesser density, whole food of original substance and not the food many eat today, having been geo ENGINE ered, or meat. All nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables are more more acceptable to the light form as is the pure water many now drink. The rest required for this body change is very much increased as well as each nerve fiber holds, retains, and then lets go of the very DNA substance it was born with to replace it with adamintine particles of light. Each nerve, tissue, fluid, organ , every body cell requires a change in density to take on these substances of light and as each is replaced, the changes created require rest and adequate fluid. Let no one be known to forget the arduous task the human form underwent to move into greater density, but recall this process, now reversing, will require a less arduous process, but what many refer to as bothersome at best.

We the White Winged Consciousness of Nine leave you with this knowledge as you move through your first process of awakening, by realizing the very Power each human holds and taking it back to mold the New Earth with your own Power.


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Behaviors During Energy Downloads

“Behaviors will change with these downloads of Light, Consciousness/Energy. These behaviors will change with those taking on the Light as well as those not assimilating the Light so effectively or efficiently. Humans unaware of the process do not assimilate the Light as effectively or efficiently. Those not choosing to undergo the process will return to the New Earth to assimilate the process at other times in humanity’s awareness.

“Yes, in your small mind of one, all is illusion, as in the Course (A Course In Miracles), and yet as you move through this illusion, is it not easier to know these things to help you move through them more smoothly and fluidly? This is the question we ask the channel as she continues to repeatedly question.

“Know, assimilating these energies are best done as discussed in previous channels. Rest is of the utmost importance as is hydration and a lighter diet. The exercise is not as important as these waves are coming though for the body is taxed to the utmost adjusting with these waves. The mineral composition of the body is changing drastically and of course, many are requiring additional minerals, magnesium to be specific. There are other minerals and requirements the human form takes on as these changes coalesce more fluidly on the earth. Each is guided in its own way.

“We, the Lemurian Council Of Twelve, will continue to be with those who wish to be guided. Remember, all here now were on, in, the consciousness of Lemuria. The true state of humanity is not a dense human form as it is now; that form is finally moving back to the form we held as true Lemurians. Know that as this process unfolds, those wishing to move though it will move through it with more fluidity and grace when seeking the guidance of their own unique aspects.

“We are Lemurian Council Of Twelve and we are here to help humanity adjust back to the frequency it held so effortlessly upon first arrival on planet earth. We ask you to choose your awareness and to remember that that choice can always be changed. We are One. In Peace, the Lights evolve within you.”

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