New Group Of World Servers Message

Through Alice A. Bailey Djwhal Khul notes: “Before me streams the Path of Light. I see the Way.” “The isolation, a necessary stage, is itself but illusion.” “We are treading the Way of Purification and step by step all that we cherish is removed.” “Standing on the Way suddenly the whole being is flooded with light and love.” Through the ages the Sons of God embodied in themselves the Light that shines, Strength that lifts and serves, and Love that evermore endures. “They walk the Way of purity, the Way into the innermost.” “They served their time.” We follow after and seek to do the same.

The work has to go forward in commotion, and peace must be found in the midst of riot. “Wisdom must be attained in the very midst of intellectual turmoil, and the work of co-operation with the Hierarchy on the inner side of life, must proceed amidst the devastating racket of modern life in the great cities.”

“Be content with your duty and the immediate service which will lead you a step further upon the way to which you are ordained, and this way you can travel rapidly and with eager feet, or slowly and with lagging steps.” “The reactions of others are not your responsibility. It is your responsibility to give them strength and detachment.”
“Remember that the lonely way is also the lighted way. Loneliness is an illusion which seeks to thwart the efforts of the server….” “You know that you are not alone.”

“Instruction is being given at this time to a special group of people who have come into incarnation at this critical period of the world’s history. They have come in all at the same time, throughout the world, to do the work of linking up the two planes, the physical and the astral, via the etheric.” “Through the medium of the light of the soul, the soul can be known. Therefore seek the light of your own soul, and know that soul as your director.”

Remember above all else, we are experiencing what seems as physical life in a physical form, but our essence can never be limited in any way, shape or form. We are glittering diamonds of LIGHT, aspects of THAT of which it is, a nameless, boundless being, all powerful and here to experience and express in unique ways.

As an aside, Farcebook has again hidden my account, supposedly because “someone may have accessed your account.” The real reason this occurs is when one reaches too many people without paying for ads, which gives Farcebook personal information. The shutdown is meant to boost the database of users information, requesting more and more intrusive personal information. For instance, the new request to regain accounts begins with asking for a new email, never used anywhere else. They then request a video and send a message and code to this new address with guidelines for the video:

“Here is your code and the video instructions we discussed.
Complete these steps to get back into your account:
1. Write down this code. The code must be handwritten. You can write the code on a piece of paper, on your hand, on a napkin, etc. CODE#
2. Record a video of yourself holding the code. To make sure your video is approved, follow these rules:
– Make sure that your whole face is visible and that you have enough light for the camera.
– Avoid wearing anything that blocks your face, such as a mask or hat.
– Physically hold the code so your hand is visible.
– Show head movement by tilting your head to the left, to the right and up and down.
– Show hand movement by moving the code to the left, to the right and up and down.
– Make sure no one else is visible in the video and that no personal information can be seen.
3. Reply to this email and attach your video. Send the video as an attachment — do not send a link to the video.
Once that’s done, we’ll review your video, make sure the code matches and email you with your confirmation decision.”

Those of us tuned into higher frequencies know the dingy, jaded path which power seekers now struggle to unfold via such things as ai and clones… Needless to say, I do not feed undesired energy so it will be interesting to see what happens. In the meantime, one is best served by going directly to the websites of those followed on Farcebook and/or moving to a less intrusive avenue, if such a thing can be found.

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