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Spiritual Beings Upon Earth

“We are spiritual beings taking on body after body, forms that are built up around us, as cushions to veil the layer of true spiritual consciousness, the knowledge of which we truly are. With each body, each form, each veil taken on another layer adds to the illusion, another layer covers the Consciousness of true beingness, another layer adds to the confusion of what we, as spiritual beings, truly are.

“We are not truly humans, but we continued to take on form after form to experience and express as unique beings of a Consciousness, a unique Consciousness within each aspect, filament, life atom, if you will, that chooses to seem separate from the Whole. And yet, we are never separate; we are merely expressing and experiencing in unique ways, in many what seem as locations and times, in many what seems as forms and formless states.

“And yet, as the illusion of the soul continues to evolve, it still desires to express as a human, for as a human it experiences many aspects of its very own consciousness that cannot be expressed in other forms or ways. As humans, the various bodies–veils taken on to cover up the consciousness of its true state—continue to add to the illusion of separation. Yet that illusion of separation is now dissolving as many aspects of the Consciousness of all that is, was, and ever will be desire now to return to experience the Wholeness once again. And as these aspects of Consciousness, these humans, continue to gather, to merge in thought and deed, it is with the celebration of consciousness that all realms of Consciousness, all aspects of Consciousness, continue evolving to the true state of beingness.

“Make no mistake of what you as a part of humanity are: a life atom, brilliant spark of Light, experiencing and expressing in what seems as human form, for some aspects for the very last time.

“It is with the greatest respect that the more evolved, if you will, aspects of ones very own consciousness continues to now coalesce and move into that multidimensional being to experience and express others in yet another unique way, as a multidimensional being knowing its true power and purpose: to express the Oneness and Love of All That Is.”

“So be it now and forevermore. I AM that of which it is, perfect, whole, and free, expressing on earth in unique multidimensional ways, returning to the Light of One as humanity also moves forward into the consciousness of its true beingness as a community of life atoms evolving in Consciousness, increasing states of awareness.”

Energies continue to be intense but last night was a bit better than the night before. This is the first recognized channel with two seemingly separate aspects, the first of which appears more evolved than the second stating the last two lines.

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Multidimensional Living

Those that follow the writings at samiam productions dot com know there are numerous posts on multidimensional living and the bottom line; we live in a world of our own making, an impure illusion filled with soul experience and expression, consisting of lives on earth and other planets and spaces, in form and formless states.

Today we shall discuss the current state of affairs, looking at things from different states of awareness, dimensions, if you will.


In a past class we discussed holding different states of awareness about the hurricane we named Katrina. Now, living in a 3D state of awareness/perception we usually experience an increasing consciousness of life, unless of course that state becomes unavailable due to various things, which we shall not discuss here. Living from a 3D programmed state of consciousness, we view life from a purely physical state, fearful and separate from others. We identify with physical appearance, possessions, and social status, having little or no control over our reality, relying only on five senses. Remember, within each dimension there are multiple states of awareness. For instance, within 3D we could view catastrophes such as Katrina in various ways (but they are all coming from the viewpoint of separation):

* God created the storm to punish those in affected areas.
* Government developed and used HAARP to create fear.
* Negative thoughts/mass consciousness drew the storm to dense areas.
* A conglomeration of soul plans to help humanity awaken to Oneness created a disaster resulting in increased compassion, and so on.

As humans, we are here to evolve and that means seeing things, such as illnesses like the flu or viruses, in various ways. But this is only possible when we live out of fear and rely on our sixth intuitive sense. The veil between what many refer to as dimensions is thinning, getting thinner all the time and many of us are now able to use our intuition to determine what is out of step with what may be referred to as logical reality.

In this illusion, many circumstances are moving us into more evolved states, other states of awareness/bands of consciousness.

We can choose to be aware of how reactions, emotions and thoughts mold our world and experience and choose increasing states of awareness by deciding what is right for us after fully researching all the available information on a subject that causes negative reactions, emotions and thoughts. Or we can take the shorter route to sanity by tapping into our very own Source of Awareness. We do this by becoming still, connecting with the Divine Spark within us and asking for answers to the questions we hold within our brain. Whichever method we choose gets us to a place of serenity, only one gets us to that point much, much sooner than the other.

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