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5D Living: Realities Shift and Blend

Waking from another reality before dawn, an exaggerated dream of time when DAD was four years old, and remembering the blend of what seems as this current reality, it seems prudent to open the window and see…is it really cooler than usual outside? Lo, and behold, it is once again much cooler than usual for a May 1st day, perhaps in the mid 60’s instead of mid 70’s, but as birds chirp in various places there’s a sense that all is well! And as intestinal distress continues, even knowing it is all what seems as my own reality, turning on the trusty laptop to document the experience seems in order…
Living in these strange times brings periods of blending realities, mainly experienced and recognized during sleeping hours. For instance, one may wake recalling past experiences blended with those of present day occurrences. These mainly happen during full moon periods when the Planet of Death is expelling fragments, morphing further into decay and greater evolution, spewing those fragments toward an earth that is more dense in physicality, attempting to continue the saga of restricted life, but that experience and expression has now reached its cumulation point. Humanity is now experiencing new ways of living and being as it awakens, as if from a deep, profound sleep, awakens to its full power and Divine Expression.
These times may be curious and spell-binding, and yet, they are totally necessary to move further up the spiral of remembrance, to claim full sovereignty as humans and to further, at a later point in time for some, to recognize the full expression of a human is as a multidimensional being, one who masters the environment constantly and effortlessly in true time.
These periods of multidimensional experience will continue to increase and one must eventually, if not now, recognize them for what they ultimately are, a period of time in a space designed to experience and express as a human being…
Switching channels….
Body shaking as the spin increases…
“We are the Galactic Federation of Light and we are here to explain the rules of coexisting on a planet that is being torn apart in many ways. Formless beings of Light continue to enter the planet earth bringing peace to all within these realms of deceit and chaos. This causes disruptions in plans of what may be referred to as soulless beings, those who have over massive periods of time and space lost their true core by repeatedly performing experiences and expressions not of Light nor Love. This time for humanity will last for a period beyond the current lifetime, for many have not yet recognized their truth: Oneness is for all and not for a few. The Oneness of which all derived continues, regardless of the propensities of those seeming to separate.
“We are aware of the distractions now continuing on earth and know the channel, and much more of humanity than ever before, will move through these distractions to achieve feats previously unheard of, by ignoring the distractions and continuing to play the unique human role chosen as souls.
“Let not these strange times of changing weather disturb, nor focus on negative aspects of what appears as a ‘world gone mad,’ but continue to focus on the purity and Oneness from which all things came. It is but for a short time that earth conditions will change yet again to a planet more suitable to those remaining upon it.
“We take our leave knowing the peace lies within each human to access at will.”
There is much happening that cannot be explained, nor ignored, so continue to focus on the BIGGER picture! Stay hydrated with good quality SPRING water, if you can get it, rest as needed, and eat wholesome organic foods. Consider, and play your role with intention for the highest good of ALL.
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