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Nurturing Life-Affirming Ways

Nurturing life affirming ways is all about consciously choosing what one wants to exist in the world of their choosing. This is an old concept, yet, little used by those lost in the maze of forgetfulness. Choosing how one lives in this world may often be stifled by rules and regulations, but there’s a choice that is never interfered with, and that choice is how one chooses to think.

Although mass programming currently seems geared toward forming NON-life-affirming habits, there are ways and means available to assist in the process of living a life worth living. It is of the utmost concern of many that these more helpful methods are now quickly vanishing due to the awareness of mass consciousness being guided in much different directions, such as artificial technology. Beware of anything that interferes with an organically functioning human form, for each action leads to what may be referred to as consequences that may or may not be in the best interest or highest good of one’s self or humanity as a whole.

To feed life-affirming concepts one must slowly pull away from habits leading to an inorganic consciousness, for this type of awareness leads to inhumane ways of acting and living. Reviewing current habits serves to alert one of previously unseen ways leading to an inorganic consciousness, such as spending too much time investing in artificial technology, listening to the advice of those seemingly in charge instead of listening to one’s very own source of wisdom, paying attention to ploys which lead to separation of soul from body (such as artificial implants), etc.

Paying conscious attention to each and every action taken to hone the body and mind makes it easy to avoid the trap of being caught up in a world of soulless beings serving a mass consciousness purpose led by so-called people in power. Remaining within the avenue of spiritual growth assists one to catch those subtle voices that do not command nor demand but loving guide one to a nirvana on earth.

All that being stated, for what seems as my human self it’s becoming increasingly clear that certain age-old methods of communing are giving in to various new ‘rules’ in exchange for monetary support. (Is anyone else sensing the timeline where religious institutions are employed by these individuals to further power monger intentions?) Many smaller, much more helpful spiritual communities cease to exist for lack of support. Our local congregational theosophical community is one of those now under construction with visions of rebuilding when more people become aware of the need to become spiritually aware via like-minded community and ageless wisdom.

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