Channeling: Heads-Up

“Humanity now enters an altered (cloistered when pure) state of consciousness where one follows the frequency of what desires to be known. Parallel realities are more easily tapped for their wisdoms bringing forth greater experiences and expressions in what seems as the present life. Moments of speculation are lost by the wayside as all is known by tapping into these realities of consciousness also experienced and expressed in a time/space continuum above, below, within, and upon the earth.

“Know that in coming days, weeks, and months the propensities to share information shall increase for each unique, individual consciousness upon earth. And yet, one must remember, paying attention to the subtle clues within each revelation will afford one the gift of determining the consciousness and purity of each offering. It is but for a short time in what seems as cosmic time before humanity taps into this consciousness on a grand scale.

“The mass of humanity now moves forward in consciousness with this upcoming (total) solar eclipse allowing all to participate in a more fluid, conscious manner. This participation continues to lead the consciousness of all within and upon earth to greater experience and expression of each unique individual, for the enrichment of each unique individual soul. Each soul now housed within physical form upon Planet Earth steps forward into this timeline, many leaving behind the ignorance of ages past to become aware of the power and clarity held within. Know that the few remaining within physical form not tapped into this cocoon of safe assurance from outside interference shall continue to experience the gross disparities of the dualistic realm in which their physicality’s free will and/or soul wishes to further experience. Know that parallel realities are easily tapped into by those holding the consciousness of unity.

“We are an aspect of the channel through which we speak, the White Winged Consciousness Of Nine, a conglomeration of unique, individual souls coalesced into a unity.

Many multidimensional experiences are documented throughout the “Lightworker’s Log Book Series”. Support your Self or a loved one by purchasing an inspiring bedside companion. The paypal account has been closed as a means of WALKING OUR TALK by not feeding aberrant energies that attempt to control by limiting access to funds. To purchase any of SAM’s PRINTED books, contact the author or use associated links. Gift card and cash donations to keep this website running are gratefully received via SAM, P.O. Box 39385, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33339-9385.

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