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VIVID Dreams Spark Eureka Moment

Luminous white sparks of revelations come while moving through the last of this morning’s transmuting, clearing and cleansing of VIVID dreams, which began after midnight. This ensuing eureka moment comes, of course, along with the usual Light Activation signs such as increased body heat, sinus drainage, repeated bouts of expelled gas, rampant thirst and subsequent elimination, etc. Numerous articles on dream activity and Light Activation signs are in my previous books such as Bits Of Wisdom and the Book Of One 🙂 Series. They also relate preliminary dream investigations, but this information goes beyond early understandings.
I’m finding that while moving though this Roller Coaster Ascension Ride there are many tools at our disposal to make the ride a bit less bumpy and scary. For instance, we can consciously consider daily activities and engage in only those that serve to lessen the creation of aberrant dreamtimes that take us into horrific territory filled with vivid images not usually experienced.
All outside research aside, and recall, I am NOT a scholar nor academic, current revelations rise like dolphins gliding through tranquil azure waters. They offer respite from a monkey mind that although somewhat trained still tries to carry what seems as my personal consciousness into stormy waters with repeated ominous waves. So bear in mind what I speak of herein is based solely on my own dream experience. You may, or may not, have similar experience. As the information in all my books, this evidence is meant solely to remind what seems as a ‘me’ and to assist those with similar mind in moving through the process of ever-changing perceptions.
That being said, with recall of the last few ‘dreams’ upon waking for the umpteenth time came revelations, again, that many sequences contained images sparking recognition of time spent during daily activities. I have reported on this phenomenon in prior articles but my eureka moment expanded upon previous realizations. Remember, energy flows where attention goes and it is only when the focus of MASS consciousness elevates that transmutation, clearing and cleansing occur. One by one we let go until, finally, full realization and demonstration of innate powers occur in daily life. At some point, VIVID dreams consist of not only what we personally put into the mix, but the vastly different experiences of 3D MASS consciousness, the astral world of 4D (which is a slowly dissipating thought form created by mass consciousness), 5D, and the Mental Body (higher Causal and lower mental) when experiencing greater frequencies.
This is, I am led to believe, the prelude of a time where we experience INSTANTANEOUS results of thoughts stemming from the consciousness cemented in lower frequencies (refer to “Moving Through Planes Of Nature” within Proficient Wisdom Scratching The Surface). Considering the monumental repercussions of this revelation, it remains vital to hone a purity of mind, and to consciously feed the physical brain with activity that serves the greater good, without dwelling upon a now rapidly crumbling infrastructure.
Know that while humanity moves though this phase there will be times where one taps into MASS consciousness, and it is up to each individual to make a choice. Do I continue to fire neurons with this outdated activity or choose to nurture higher frequency thoughts that rewire the nervous system? Transmutation, cleansing and clearing occurs with the second choice. We consciously transmute concepts upon sensing reactions to what seems outside our Oneness, by recognizing it’s a blessing to alert us to change a stream of perception.
Remember the value of purity of mind and that EVERYTHING is ENERGY. Consider clearing sleeping spaces after each bout of transmutation. That may not mean washing sheets and bedclothes every day but at least using clearing essential oils such as Frankincense, Sandalwood, Rosemary or Tea Tree oil or lighting up a bit of white sage to wave about the room. I consistently use mainly Tea Tree oil for clearing as it’s cheaper than Frankincense or Sandalwood, but the last two essential oils are also employed daily in the form of mist sprays upon the body before bedtime or leaving my sanctuary.
Proficient Wisdom: Scratching The Surface  gives glimpses of  how this consciousness unfolds.
As an aside, I now vividly sense the time of reporting via written word may be coming to an end because for what seems as a ‘me’ repeatedly and sporadically moving in and out of dimensions (frequencies) it is becoming very cumbersome to type (and don’t get me started on the Dragon software…). It is just too cumbersome to keep catching type that jumps up into other sentences.
Refer to Book Of One :-), particularly Volumes 2, 4 (including a chapter with Affirmations), 5 and 6 for verification of experiences during and after onslaughts of incoming higher frequencies, information on Cosmic energy downloads, inspiration, and much more.

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