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Choosing Bodies Of Consciousness

The choice to choose a body of consciousness remains with each unique human individual throughout the day and night. This choice leads to either the continued experience of remaining within a body of consciousness leading one to conclusions, experiences, and expressions of one living within a manipulated mass consciousness, OR the choice of jumping timelines into a higher frequency known to many as another body of consciousness.

Remaining aware of emotions displayed throughout the day and night assists one in honing a conscious effort to bump up into the next body of consciousness known by many as the mental world. This world consists of a thought-based system devoid of any emotion leading to lower frequencies. This world consists of a unity of each unique human individual being aware and consciously co-creating what can be referred to as a “life worth living.” Many now move toward and into this steady state of consciousness, which remains within the reach of all human beings upon Planet Earth. Other states of consciousness within higher frequencies continue to exist for those moving beyond the higher frequency of the thought world.

Know that as one moves forward in consciousness, higher in body frequency, co-creating a world where all of humanity shall exist in future times, the path can be either clear or cluttered, filled with emotions, habits, propensities, and old ways of being. This path is now being cleared on a grand scale by many unique human individuals now clearing not only experiences within what can be referred to as the current life, but experiences, habits, propensities, and old ways of being stemming from what many refer to as past life experiences.

I got THE MUSIC in ME!
Notice how she reaches down to sip her water during a break in her singing. STAY HYDRATED. It allows the worn life-atoms to leave more quickly!

Get a grip on non-local reality to expand your consciousness and move beyond the astral world of emotion! There are many teachings on the various bodies of consciousness mentioned in my last few books, and learning of them will immensely enhance one’s life.

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