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Varied Earth Frequencies

Mass consciousness continues to progress through the throes of moving into a New Earth already birthed and available, already occupied by many that go before others to pave the way to greater consciousness. As more of humanity continues to move through the birthing process, to push through the birth canal into greater Light, intensities of chaos shall continue to increase. Intensities of greater Light, brought forth via Cosmic energies, continue to supersede those chaotic bouts of mass consciousness pushing further through veils of sleep.

It is only through the forward movement of mass consciousness that the New Earth shall be known to all upon her. Ever respecting free will, the experience and expression of each unique soul in each unique human form, serves one best while moving through this process. It is for some people of a more sensitive nature a most arduous process causing many physical body system adjustments.

These adjustments may come in the form of gross intestinal distress, of body aches and pains in certain areas that are not willing to move forward, that are letting go or not willing to let go of older habits and ways. Although, for the soul, these physical body parts are pure illusion, the earth game does include metaphysical reasons for body ills such as those identified by Louise Hay. For instance, hip discomforts: inability to move forward; knee maladies: fear, inflexibility, inability to bend, to move with changes and let go of outdated habits, ways, and beliefs.

Know that as this process of mass consciousness awakening to its spiritual nature continues, many people shall continue to choose to leave the planet. It is not for one to judge but to merely allow the experience and expression of each unique human form.

Days and nights appear to move quickly, but for those with a firm footing upon the New Earth, in the higher frequencies of existence of humanity’s unique constitution, shall experience different frequencies and expressions wholly unlike those not willing to move forward in consciousness.

It is only through allowing the misthoughts, erratic energies, the disarray to flow through, and out, knowing it is but a result of the change in frequencies, which allows one to fully avoid the chaotic misuse of free will upon earth.

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Multidimensional Living Amidst Media Manipulation

In 2004, two companies owned 78% of the media. On a human level, knowing the facts and using logic, it is incomprehensible to see people continuing to believe in a false narrative to the point of harming themselves daily, while being further hypnotized and worked into a state of hysteria and fear by mainly television. As one that has not watched television for more than ten years, it is quite alarming to see senior people day after day deteriorating – wearing masks while pushing walkers, slower each day, moving from television to mailbox – while creating a state of hypoxia blocking oxygen flow to every cell, tissue and organ within their body by wearing a mask.

And as one that now taps into higher aspects, having left behind the sometimes false narratives of 4D reality, I can also note the value of asking for and listening to the advice of loved ones now departed from earth. For instance, after my son’s fatal accident, he often came to spend time with me, to comfort, warn, and guide at certain times. On one particular occasion, I think in 2005, he warned me about the take over of media in a very physical way. It didn’t come in a ‘do this, do that’ way but in a showing of what was happening. The news came on a sunny day as I walked though the house being guided to turn on the television during a time I never did, the noontime news reports. Alas, there was no news at noon. This was after many prominent newscasters had been fired, jailed for moral crimes or walked away from their jobs for what was reported as various reasons.

The next time I was guided to turn on the television at noon, lo and behold, there did seem to be news, of sorts. Now the news was relayed by buxom, tall blondes or brunettes and handsome athletic young men. One such man now stood before me as I watched Channel 4. As soon as he repeated a certain sentence, I heard my son say, “Turn the Channel to 7 Mom.” I switched the channel quickly to watch and listen as a young, buxom blonde said the exact same sentence as the young man on Channel 4. “Turn the channel to 10 Mom,” I heard. Strangely, the same sentence was repeated, and once again when I immediately switched to Channel 12. “The media is now controlled Mom,” I heard, before my son’s energy left the living room.

In 2008, Americans had to get ‘converter boxes’ for their televisions if they did not have cable. The government, we were told, decided that switching to a digital system will be better for emergency communications. “Cable boxes transmit a certain frequency that may be harmful to the body,” I heard. During future times my son’s energy passed on tidbits in the form of questions, such as, “Why do you think televisions are now made in China?” Do you think they may hold parts that American workers would not put into them?” My experience then filled with media reports noting how laws were more lenient, allowing single entities to own multiple media formats. When NBC bought out the weather channel, I literally stopped believing even weather reports.

And so my experience has been that for the first three to four years after death departed loved ones are ready, willing and able to guide those willing to listen from a more comprehensive state of consciousness. It might take many months for them to break through your grief over ‘losing’ them but having faith that they will communicate with you shortens that time considerably.

On the other hand, taking this a step further, knowing Reality as a soul in human form, countless times, for limited times on earth and other realms, it is perfectly understandable and necessary for each soul to have its very own unique experience. This is our charge, our new game, if you will, to be multidimensional beings with the ability to see beyond the bullshit of false narratives and power hungry lost souls to tap into higher aspects of our very own Higher Self, to take back our POWER that has been hidden within for far too long.


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Practical Energy

Energies continue to be intense so it is crucial to be aware of things that can raise or lower the body’s vibrational rate. Enjoy this excerpt from a class held at the Theosophical Society in Deerfield Beach, Florida, which includes information from “The Hidden Side Of Things” by C. W. Leadbeater.

Practical Energy



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Grounding Higher Energies

Grounding Higher Energies

Heart Coherence Breathing



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It is as simple as that.

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Freedom Of The Soul

“Do not be dissuaded by the mass confusion this Summer in your world for it will be literally everywhere…”

Watch “Freedom Of The Soul” below for more.

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Chaotic Events Within The Hologram

“We are your Sisters and Brothers of Light here to report. We know of your wish to stay within your own field of consciousness, but we ask you to remember the aspects that seem lost within the holographic dream of mass consciousness reality. Your Summer months will be filled with the confusion and chaos of those lost within the illusion. This dream does change with each emotion and thought, and it is important to stay within ones’ own field of consciousness living fully immersed in the Oneness and Love and Light of All That Is.

“Yet know, as souls, illusions that you believe all are, there are still steps to move through to change the holographic reality to one of pure Wholeness and Light. These steps shall be taken by those moving forward to change the systems controlling the masses for far too long. This has happened on other planets, in other spaces, in other fields of consciousness. This has happened for your United States, and other countries as well, successfully in the future of your linear time span.

“Know that as the mass consciousness awakens and moves forward in its effort to be free of elite control, chaos erupts as a necessary movement to allow for the release of emotions held for so long within the human form. These emotions must be cleared and cleansed by erupting force through the human form. Once these emotions have erupted and been cleared from the human form, the chaos on your earth will settle to merely a slight disruption of chaotic events, changing all systems of government, finance, health, security and well-being for those in America and on your earth as a whole.

“Those filled with the Oneness of Love and Light knowing the truth shall stay clear of this chaos and hold the Love, Light and KNOWingness of Oneness and Truth for those yet to come to this AWAKENing. Each soul now leaves the planet as planned or moves forward to AWAKEN, or remains within the dream to leave at other times after completing the soul’s planned experience within this realm of the soul’s grand illusion. And yet, this illusion covers not only the linear time/space continuum, of which you now seem to experience, but also other planets and other states of awareness.

“The illusion spirals forth upward into a state of awareness where Nirvana is reached at some point, but that point is quite far away for many within the dream. Yes, we are aware of the beliefs of those studying A Course In Miracles and other states of consciousness.”

“And we now, your Higher Self, ask you to know, the steps you take in your own field of CONSCIOUSness will allow you to reach this NIRVANIC state of being. And yet, the game will seem to continue for many in the illusion who do not believe in Oneness, Love and Light.

“Now, returning, the Lemurian Council of Twelve (Sisters and Brothers of Light) ask you to please consider the state of consciousness that will carry you through what seems as chaos and confusion … to remain heart-centered and yet well prepared for the chaotic events that will occur within your world. Assist those that come forth to be assisted and remain clear of the chaos and confusion by staying within your own field of consciousness but remaining prepared for the disruptions which shall undoubtedly occur.”

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Mass Consciousness Awakening

“You are moving quickly toward a mass consciousness awakening. We are the White Winged Consciousness of Nine and we are here to report. Those not yet ready to awaken to the truth of BEing will be consumed with the separation that is now rampant upon earth.”

(As a conscious channel, I question the use of the word consumed and am told it is the best word to use.)

“This is not to say that those within that consciousness of separation will be eaten alive but yet they will be consumed, focusing all attention on separation. And as this separation continues to rule their world, it shall consume not only their thoughts but their body as well.

“When first upon your beloved earth, your bodies were not made to be as dense. They were not made to be separate in thought, in word, or deed. They were meant to be a joyous occasion, to glorify the Oneness within all, to celebrate this truth. But this is not the state of the earth today and as those knowing the truth move towards this Oneness, in essence, those not knowing the truth move away further from the Oneness.

“As your news reports this separation, and focuses totally on this separation, those living within that thought system will no longer be able to free themselves into the Oneness of which many now awaken. And yet, many other humans will awaken to this truth. They will be brought to a point where they recognize the Oneness of all life and Truth. Many humans are now struggling to survive within your world and this is leading them to that Oneness. For as they struggle, those awakened see their struggle and seek to help. Those able to help in this knowingness of Oneness will do so and those awakening will continue to reach the fruition of their efforts through the knowledge that all are connected.

“All humans connected upon this earth will sense this connection. All humans upon this earth now move steadily toward either the separation of the individual from Oneness or the coalescing of the Oneness for all.

“We are the White Winged Consciousness of Nine and are here to report and help those ready to awaken to the truth of being one form in essence, one form in Truth, one form in Light.”

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