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New Earth Focus Vital!

Operating as a human while maintaining heart-centered Christ Consciousness can be quite challenging, especially when a brother lingers between human life and transitional graduation within a broken ‘health’ ‘care’ system. Perhaps this communication will assist you as well…

Enjoy this excerpt from the Book of One : – ) six volume series , which holds channeled messages, accounts of the author’s metaphysical experiences, ascension tools, light activation symptoms, affirmations, and conscious life living tips.
“You are moving toward nirvana in an entirely new way. The times before you now, the trials, tribulations, and challenges shall continue to lead all those ready to proceed onto the New Earth consciousness to have an experience unlike any before for humanity. It is but for a short time in what some may refer to as the metaphysical sense before more people maintain firm footing upon this nirvanic new earth. Many now, such as yourself, continue to lead the way existing in what appears as both the old and the New Earth, maintaining the footing through steady heart consciousness. Recall that Oneness exists for all. There is no separation, and upon recognition of this truth each human moves forward to experience, express, and play their soul’s role upon a new earth never before experienced by humanity or any other species of existence.
“Know that the trials, tribulations, challenges, and yes opportunities, shall continue to heighten as those not wishing to see humanity move onto this new earth continue to stem the flow of steady Christ Consciousness through their manipulated efforts of changing all earth systems. This too shall continue for but a short period of time for there are greater and greater frequencies stepping in to assist humanity in spiraling up what may be referred to as the evolutionary spiral.
“Continue to focus on the New Earth. Continue to maintain the steady Christ Consciousness that keeps one centered regardless of trial, tribulation or challenge. Opportunities abound for those moving through this process as it is done in a more fluid manner.
“Know that the darkness which one seeks shall no longer be experienced within the closed mind system of mass consciousness. The closed mind system of mass consciousness now continues to collapse in greater and greater ways. Be prepared for further detrimental events and know that remaining within a steady state of Christ Consciousness allows one to receive subtle messages to maintain safe harbor.”
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Building Sequential Worlds

Enjoy this Book Of One : – ) Volume 6 excerpt!

“It is in moving through the shadows that one learns to traverse higher realms of consciousness within the illusion of your matrix. Only through moving through these shadows shall one recognize the True BEingness lies not within them, but beyond these illusions into the higher realm realities…

“… a long sequence of worlds … The shadows of darkness are merely grades of Consciousness, as are the brilliant aspects of Light. It is only in moving through the deceits and dishonoring of all that exists that …

“It is only in moving through these shadows upon earth that one will learn to … for as a life atom continues to evolve within the consciousness of all that was and ever shall be, it is only through the experience and expression of varied frequencies, forms, and formless states that one gradually recognizes the truth of its full BEingness. This BEingness is yet another … no words can express. It is only through moving through the shadows that one reaches the Light of understanding, of Truth. And it is only through moving through these shadows that…

“And so we, the higher realms of Consciousness within the consciousness of the channel through which we speak, take our leave, as a group having moved through the shadows, and now existing within the consciousness of the channel as the White Winged Consciousness of Nine.”

Full article in Book Of One : – ) Volume 6.

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