Mass Consciousness Awakening

“You are moving quickly toward a mass consciousness awakening. We are the White Winged Consciousness of Nine and we are here to report. Those not yet ready to awaken to the truth of BEing will be consumed with the separation that is now rampant upon earth.”

(As a conscious channel, I question the use of the word consumed and am told it is the best word to use.)

“This is not to say that those within that consciousness of separation will be eaten alive but yet they will be consumed, focusing all attention on separation. And as this separation continues to rule their world, it shall consume not only their thoughts but their body as well.

“When first upon your beloved earth, your bodies were not made to be as dense. They were not made to be separate in thought, in word, or deed. They were meant to be a joyous occasion, to glorify the Oneness within all, to celebrate this truth. But this is not the state of the earth today and as those knowing the truth move towards this Oneness, in essence, those not knowing the truth move away further from the Oneness.

“As your news reports this separation, and focuses totally on this separation, those living within that thought system will no longer be able to free themselves into the Oneness of which many now awaken. And yet, many other humans will awaken to this truth. They will be brought to a point where they recognize the Oneness of all life and Truth. Many humans are now struggling to survive within your world and this is leading them to that Oneness. For as they struggle, those awakened see their struggle and seek to help. Those able to help in this knowingness of Oneness will do so and those awakening will continue to reach the fruition of their efforts through the knowledge that all are connected.

“All humans connected upon this earth will sense this connection. All humans upon this earth now move steadily toward either the separation of the individual from Oneness or the coalescing of the Oneness for all.

“We are the White Winged Consciousness of Nine and are here to report and help those ready to awaken to the truth of being one form in essence, one form in Truth, one form in Light.”

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