Gods Of Matter

“All is well my child as you move though these phases of raising consciousness for yourself and that of humanity. It is with the greatest respect that we the White Winged Consciousness Of Nine ask you to be more aware of the possibilities that lie before humanity. This is not to say become involved in these possibilities but to be aware they are there for many sleeping humans. Those still not ready to reach higher states of awareness and truth shall become increasingly burdened with consequences of their own making, by giving their power away, by using their free choice and will to allow other, what they believe to be more knowing, humans to make their choices for them.

“Much of humanity quickly moves toward these conditions while a much smaller group of humans, awakened to the Truth of BEing continue to make their own rules. Never forget, humanity may be in human form, but nevertheless are gods of creation, with the ability and tools to improve life on a much grander scale than ever before.

“We wish all to know: the Truth of BEing lies inside each individual form waiting to be recognized and utilized for the good of all. There is nothing to stop humanity from this recognition but its own small self of one. Each human holds and must recognize this power held within or succumb to another life on other planets to receive the blessing. Your earth as it is now is changing and shall not be in the state held for eons of time.

“We are the White Winged Consciousness Of Nine here to assist those ready to move forward on the New Earth, knowing ye are gods of matter.”

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