Role Models

“We are the White Winged Consciousness Of Nine and we are here to speak to the role models of America. There are many of you who know your roles well. You are the ones who have left behind all debris of the 3D life. You have nothing left. Your relationships are gone. Your belongings are gone. Your family for the most part is gone. You have no close friends. You are the role models of America and you are here to speak your truth.

“You are one; you are all one and it is time to live by the Law of One. There are those among you who will go to great lengths to prove, to show, that there is none other but one. This will be done by visiting other countries, other areas, along with other states of consciousness. All those within this realm of gross illusion, know their role, if not consciously then on an unconscious level.

“Those that are role models are now moving though the fluid stream of 5D reality in the New Earth to show other humans how it is done. It is done by leaving behind absolutely everything you have known before. It is done by setting aside your habits of separation, your habits of the illusion of separation. It is done by moving through the seeming chaos that many see and live through and not being distracted. It is done by knowing that the Universe, so to say, the Law of One, has your back and this network of One is the new reality of the New Earth.

“We leave you now amid the chaos of the channel’s reality as noise fills the area (construction workers and landscapers), with this thought:

“Are you a role model of the New Earth or are you a reporter of the drama? The choice is yours. Accept your role and know each human plays its role well, consciously or not.

“We are the White Winged Consciousness Of Nine and we are here to assist all those who wish assistance in this new realm, this New Earth, this new thought moment of the 5D reality.”

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