Remembering Oneness

“Know this, the higher realms lie within each soul, each human to channel at will. We are the White Winged Consciousness Of Nine and we are here to assure humanity, you are not alone. You have never been separate and you never will be, but in your earth game, it became necessary to believe this was so while in human form.

“As humanity now moves through this process of recognizing its self, its true self of Oneness, we ask all that are now aware of this achievement of Oneness in all aspects to help those lost in the maze of forgetting. You do not do this by preaching but by being a role model. By showing other humans there is another way to think, to act, to listen to others without judgment or separation. We ask those of you who now are in the midst of re-membering, remember there are no good or bad aspects of anything but merely roles to play.

“Play your role well by knowing and showing there is no separation, you are the God you seek. You are the one to look up to, each and every human is a soul encased in human form playing her or his role well. For no one is on earth by mistake. We and others have addressed this many times and will continue to do so as humanity moves through this shift in consciousness. There are no strangers on earth, there are no fools, no saviors, no one is here to be held above the other. When you judge another you are merely judging your own self.

“Be careful to achieve the Oneness you seek by knowing all on earth are gods of matter, here only to play the game of earth life and help humanity return in all aspects to Wholeness, Truth, Love and Light.

“We are the White Winged Consciousness Of Nine here to assist those ready to recognize, ‘Ye are gods of matter’.”

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