Radiate Love

As these energy waves of consciousness continue to move into the earth, I notice lately the truth we were told so many years ago; energy affects people in different ways. Some people deal with this energy by being angry. We can help those and others around us by spreading love and light if we are ever in the midst of anger. For instance, in the community where I live sometimes people are very angry and yelling when energies are high. When this occurs (and other times as well) I radiate Love from my heart’s core to fill the area. This not only helps the body of which my soul experiences physicality, but helps the community as well for remember everything is energy, radiating out into space, so when you focus on your heart’s core and radiate that loving energy out into the world, you help not only your body but the bodies of all those around you. And that radiation of loving energy continues to spread throughout the earth and beyond it. This is a very practical tip that one can use during times when it seems the anger within people is increasing.

Remember, the end result of chaos is nirvana but we must first move through that chaos. You can choose to be in the chaos, or not. You can choose to match and feed chaotic energies or you can choose to neutralize them and nurture harmonious thoughts by radiating loving energy out into the world.

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