Varied Earth Frequencies

Mass consciousness continues to progress through the throes of moving into a New Earth already birthed and available, already occupied by many that go before others to pave the way to greater consciousness. As more of humanity continues to move through the birthing process, to push through the birth canal into greater Light, intensities of chaos shall continue to increase. Intensities of greater Light, brought forth via Cosmic energies, continue to supersede those chaotic bouts of mass consciousness pushing further through veils of sleep.

It is only through the forward movement of mass consciousness that the New Earth shall be known to all upon her. Ever respecting free will, the experience and expression of each unique soul in each unique human form, serves one best while moving through this process. It is for some people of a more sensitive nature a most arduous process causing many physical body system adjustments.

These adjustments may come in the form of gross intestinal distress, of body aches and pains in certain areas that are not willing to move forward, that are letting go or not willing to let go of older habits and ways. Although, for the soul, these physical body parts are pure illusion, the earth game does include metaphysical reasons for body ills such as those identified by Louise Hay. For instance, hip discomforts: inability to move forward; knee maladies: fear, inflexibility, inability to bend, to move with changes and let go of outdated habits, ways, and beliefs.

Know that as this process of mass consciousness awakening to its spiritual nature continues, many people shall continue to choose to leave the planet. It is not for one to judge but to merely allow the experience and expression of each unique human form.

Days and nights appear to move quickly, but for those with a firm footing upon the New Earth, in the higher frequencies of existence of humanity’s unique constitution, shall experience different frequencies and expressions wholly unlike those not willing to move forward in consciousness.

It is only through allowing the misthoughts, erratic energies, the disarray to flow through, and out, knowing it is but a result of the change in frequencies, which allows one to fully avoid the chaotic misuse of free will upon earth.

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