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Unknown Becomes Known Reaping Greater Awareness

“You are coming to a point in your process where all will be known. Do not allow this knowing to disturb you for as it becomes known it becomes unknown. Do not follow the known but follow the unknown into a new path of righteousness, of beingness for self and all humanity. The knowing becomes the unknown with each revelation of knowing. Know that the disruption that occurs is merely a wave of consciousness that has served its purpose to move on to greater heights of awareness.

“Speak not of disillusion nor duress, but know that as the known becomes known to subsequently dismantle; the unknown becomes the point of consciousness for one to relish in, for it is only through the unknown that the true beingness of all things great and small is reaped through conscious effort of what seems as a human mind. Go forth into this land of greater states of awareness knowing that the thought is easily gained when focusing upon ones Self rather than what appears known.

“We are the White Winged Consciousness Of Nine here to relate it is time to increase awareness of the unknown within each unique individual living upon a planet that continues to dismantle at rapid rates.”

The separation is occurring so that each soul can have its experience and expression without interference from those wanting different experiences. Everything unknown is now becoming known (particularly for this time, the disclosures about an experimental substance) and subsequently unknown, because they are, upon being known, recognized for what they are, illusions in the game of earth life. And so, humanity continues to exist, at this time, on both an Old Earth and a New Earth based on states/levels of consciousness/awareness.

It’s important to always recall, the earth game is all about soul expression and experience, with the soul gaining experience to increase its evolution up the spiral of Consciousness, for the end game, as far away as it is, is to never again return to human form but to move on to even more evolved states of Consciousness. (Teachings available from various sources help us to understand and connect with more evolved aspects of Consciousness.)

As an example of what it’s like to live upon both an old and New Earth, I offer a bit of my own current experience. Having avoided western medicine since finding other ways to cure many diagnosed conditions, including three “incurable” ones (details are in my first three books) I do not suffer from the consequences of allowing an experimental substance to be injected into my body. However, most of my family continues to believe in a Western medical system, which repeatedly creates disease via drugs and then subsequently treats them with more untested drugs and surgeries.

Now being known as what they refer to as CRAZY, I’m not privy to their experiences unless I take the time to phone them or read their Farcebook page. So, this means when a family member is on the brink of death, unless they phone me, which is an extreme rarity, I am not part of their experience, nor can I offer assistance in any form. One brother did phone after being in the hospital for two weeks with Shingles caused by the experimental injection. They were so bad that at one point six doctors, or so he reported, stood around him to consult.

The bottom line is: if you appear to be ignored by family and life-long friends, try to put your human aspect aside to fully recognize that your unique experience and expression is one of spiraling up the ladder of evolution to subsequently pave a path for others to follow. Although it can be a lonely time in human terms, in terms of the soul it is the quintessence of experience.

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