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5D Earth Experience For Evolved Souls

“One can tip any scale by refusing to cooperate. As the world turns ugly in all aspects, one must remember the scale is tipped; the balance is broken upon engagement knowing that steady states of consciousness continue for those, within this maze of forgetfulness, that keep their balance by remaining in neutrality, disengaging from all distractions of a less life-affirming nature. Keeping one’s thoughts upon the true consciousness of beingness serves one best at this time if one wishes to remain a sovereign being in a free world.

“As the consciousness of all within and upon Mother Earth continues to seek balance, it is in the best interest of those wishing to maintain balance to avoid engaging with those who have clearly chosen to experience chaos and confusion as part of their soul’s experience and expression. Keeping one’s physical state within the realm of higher consciousness, what may be referred to as a fifth dimensional earth experience, remains the full scope of current experience for evolved souls no longer willing to play the game of limitation in a time/space continuum upon earth.

“Keep it simple; and know, guidance continues for those aware of the manipulation and control now taking place in the thought form of consciousness within a time/space continuum.

“We the Sisters and Brothers of Light continue to reach out to those assisting humanity in a variety of life-affirming ways.”

Make thoughts positive, focusing on a new world in which you’d like to live, rather than the opposite. Be aware that EVERY THOUGHT MAKES A DIFFERENCE IN MANIFESTING. Catch yourself when reacting to news reports, vocalizations, interactions with others and know, you alone hold the key to greatness not only for yourself but for the world as well!

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Perceptions and Triggers

“Know that as things continue to come into focus on your earth, perceptions and triggers continue to change to more closely match those holding the consciousness of Oneness and Light. As your awareness continues to come into the focus of Oneness, through the chaos of separation, the perceptions of old ways will continue to fall by the wayside.

“It is with the greatest respect that we, your Sisters and Brothers of Light, ask all to remain calm, for it is only by remaining calm, within the present moment of now, that one can successfully weave through the maze of deceit now covering your earth in a density never experienced before, which shall never be experienced again. We ask that all remain, as much as possible, heart-centered, focusing only on their very own perceptions and triggers, for each thing that triggers a reaction is yet another old habit, old pattern, old way to change to more closely match the habits, patterns, ways of the New Earth of Oneness and Light.

“As all upon the earth continue to be triggered by unheard of, never before experienced occurrences, it is always in the best interest to remain within ones own field of consciousness, for many shall not remain upon the earth due to their inability to change their ways of old; for it is only in the conscious awareness of the present moment of now that one may successfully identify the trigger upon sensing the reaction that is caused by the occurrence. It is only within the consciousness of those holding the Light of One, of Oneness, sensing their oneness with each mirror presented to them that the successful completion of focusing totally upon ones own reactions occurs.

“As these waves of consciousness continue to match the chaotic events upon earth, we your Sisters and Brothers of Light, including the Galactic Federation, ask that all recall; no matter what the reaction, no matter what the trigger, no matter what the sense of right or wrong, there is always another reaction, another trigger, another sense of right or wrong, for each holds its own state of awareness upon this beloved earth. Move now into your own heart-centered space of consciousness as the world now morphs once again into a totally unrecognizable state for all upon and within her.

“It is not for one to judge the reactions, the triggers, nor the experiences and expressions of another; it is only for one to remain within ones own field of consciousness, to pay close attention to the reactions and triggers within that state of consciousness, to move on to greater states of consciousness within the Mind of One.”

Maintaining the higher frequency to continue channeling was fun, not, as the garbage man repeatedly tried to empty the large garbage bin making much more noise than ever before on this Tuesday morning.

Yesterday was another day where I took the car in to get a part replaced, but it was the wrong part, something that required multiple outdated parts, so it could not be repaired; but, as usual, it all worked out well. The mechanics finally omitted a gas smell that plagued me for years due to a faulty emissions part, which cannot be repaired nor replaced because the car is so old –it was the first part manufactured to meet now outdated emission regulations. Of course, the repair took much longer than expected and after two hours when the small waiting area filled with customers the owner turned the TV on for everyone, revealing new mandates, alerting me that more chaos will come so I must be prepared for the future, stocking up on things that may be difficult to get this winter.

Along with continuing chaos comes chaotic energies via the usual culprits such as geomagnetic activity, planetary changes, etc. I must determine what planet controls the vagina as it again is acting as if giving birth amid the other usual symptoms of higher frequencies.

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