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Frequencies Increase Awareness And Opportunities

“Every upset during your day can lead you to a greater awareness of truth, of love, of light. It is only…  human.

“Know that as these days continue to unfold for many in what seems as a fury of chaos and confusion, there are others who  …  without the intrusion of chaos and confusion.

“Recall that each world of each human is built second by second with the reactions, emotions, thoughts, words, and deeds of such human. The change in these methods of creation always results in a change within the experience of each human.

“Further change continues to…. … and from frequencies beyond this solar system, to assist in peaking the awareness and opportunities available for each and every state of beingness, of frequency upon and within the earth.

“Know that as these times continue to assist those ready to transition to greater frequencies above and beyond earth, the mass awakening of those remaining upon and within earth shall…

“… a group of frequencies oscillating at a more rapid rate than human form, but having been human, in individual forms, know the ins and outs, if you will, of human life, and …”

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