Unrelenting Cosmic Downloads

Enjoy these excerpts from Book Of One :-).
One is always best served by caring for the physical host as humanity continues to move through unrelenting Cosmic energies. While serving to release denser and time-worn energies, this assistance from higher aspects of our very own selves continues to help Mother Earth and all within and upon her to transmute, clear and cleanse, making way for lighter frequencies filled with much more of the Light from whence we derived.
Transmutation occurs as one recognizes the reasons for certain trials and tribulations. One can consciously let go of the old habit of clinging to victimhood, drama and pain with each recognition. Clearing and cleansing old ways of living within physicality then makes way for frequencies more suited to the New Earth on which all now reside.
We are expanding the possibilities through unseen forces as valleys of lows and highs extend throughout the ascension process.
Unrelenting Cosmic energies continue to enter earth and all upon and within her, changing vibrational frequencies. Human body frequencies change as these downloads occur and body cells split causing extreme heat. Many people experience subsequent periods of much cooler body temperatures. The body transmutes eons of mis-thought as these cells split to change our DNA. Vivid and wild clearing dreams occur when we are in this stage of transmuting mis-thought. Hydration is key, particularly at this time as the body clears on all levels. Extreme thirst upon waking clues one into this process as it occurs. Sleeping habits totally change and at some point as one intuitively moves with the flow there is no set time to wake or sleep. Remember, it is vital to not focus too much on these events but only to be aware of what occurs at any given time for all emotion and thought feeds the band of consciousness one experiences.
Blessings continue to stream into our planet and bodies during this greatest show on earth. You may notice them most prominently when fields collapse allowing us to sense these energies more clearly, as sleepless nights fill with great thirst and subsequent elimination, or not, depending on your very own ascension process. Stay hydrated and use the time to meditate or be creative.
Neutrality is the key best used to move through these vastly changing times. Remain neutral as this Ascension Roller Coaster Ride continues while more of humanity makes the choice to transition, for this ride is not for the faint of heart nor body, but a soul choice made before birth. Prepare to assist those that remain and continue to awaken. It is not for one to make attempts at changing another’s soul journey but merely to assist as asked and stand back while tumultuous times continue to unfold.
We consciously transmute concepts upon sensing reactions to what seems outside our Oneness, by recognizing it’s a blessing to alert us to change a stream of perception. One by one we let go until, finally, full realization and demonstration of innate powers occur in daily life. Remember, through chaos comes Peace, Harmony, and better ways of living.
Refer to Book Of One 🙂, particularly Volumes 2, 4 (including a chapter with Affirmations), 5 and 6 for verification of experiences during and after onslaughts of incoming higher frequencies, information on Cosmic energy downloads, inspiration, and much more. More communications, and my experiences are documented throughout the “Lightworker’s Log Book Series”, especially in the “Author’s Experiences” section of each Book Of One 🙂 volume. Keep in mind, a printed book at bedside will not microwave eyes with harmful frequencies, and it offers inspiration for better dreams!

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