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Clearing Energy Fields

Enjoy this Book Of One 🙂 Volume 6 Excerpt!

Heightened geomagnetic activity brings a fury of energy field (torus) cleansing. As this activity continues at… … for humanity’s next juncture in the time-space continuum is being cleared from human energy fields. Each unique energy field (torus) adjusts at its own pace, and for those just beginning to awaken to a higher state of awareness, gross abnormalities are now experienced to be recognized and cleared, allowing one to bump up in consciousness, for all aspects of Consciousness are meant to continually evolve, leaving no life atoms behind in the realm of forgetfulness.

Remember as humanity continues to move through chaos and confusion, the experiences faced assist in helping to clear all that is distorted…  that humanity shall achieve greater evolution.

One cannot clear, cleanse nor transmute hidden aspects of consciousness; it is only through the revealing of distortion that one can recognize the need for change and take steps to make that change. As humanity and Mother Earth …
Be aware that dream times continues to change, often occurring before the usual 90-minute intervals, and vivid dreams assist in …

Full article in the book.

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There is much happening that cannot be explained, nor ignored, so continue to focus on the BIGGER picture! Stay hydrated with good quality SPRING water, if you can get it, rest as needed, and eat wholesome organic foods. Consider, and play your role with intention for the highest good of ALL.
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Pay Attention To What Is In Your Field Of Energy

“We are with you. We are those parts of you that have been lost in the maze for aeons of time. We ask you to listen to Self. We ask you to remember, to pay attention to what is on your plate. As things fall apart upon your earth, know that only that which appears in your direct observance should be addressed. Pay attention to those in your direct observance and know they are parts to be accepted within yourself. They are parts to be addressed in other areas of your Self. There is no one here but the Self of each unique individual and each unique individual is now addressing those parts it has cast aside. Become enamored with those parts. Address each part as it appears to you and remember there is only love to be given, accepted and known.

“We are the White Winged Consciousness of Nine and we ask you again, pay attention to what is in your field of energy.”

Experiences of good often increase when we concentrate on inspirational thoughts. Comments, questions and suggestions welcome at theContact Page.~Support your Self by purchasing an inspiring bedside companion. Introducing Book Of One 🙂 Lightworker’s Log Volume 4!~Visit SAM I AM Productions to support your Self and the author by purchasing books there and not through greedy corporations. Loving You!