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Unprecedented Activity Continues

EXTREMELY intense energies these past few days, still, and today we got another unprecedented one, I think (X5.8 and then MORE X flares which I verified after rising).…

“Unprecedented clearing, cleansing, and transmuting of time-worn old earth programs continues at rapid rates compliments of cosmic frequencies entering surrounding atmospheres. Heady experiences continue to be experienced by those sensitive to these energies and consciously aware of what is occurring. Humanity continues to clear these denser energies letting go of gravitational pulls, while increasing in frequency and decreasing in magnetic activity. Much galactic assistance continues with this effort to uplift humanity into higher realms of existence.

“The current timeline in which one experiences is based upon the consistent and steadfast perspective of what one holds or continues to rapidly change based upon an open mind and knowledge of the semantics within an earth time/space atmosphere. Those human beings consciously aware of what is occurring, the evolution of earth and all upon and within her, continue to experience vastly different occurrences based upon unique states of awareness.

“It is not, nor shall it ever be, for a higher frequency aspect to dwell or report upon anything of a subjective nature.

“The continuing onslaughts of cosmic frequencies complimenting the evolutionary change upon earth shall continue in an unprecedented manner for many days, weeks, and months to come. And yet it is only, as all things, another cycle in the continuing earth game. Know that as these incoming frequencies continue to steadily warp all systems and states of consciousness, the remaining systems and states of consciousness shall be vastly changed after the mass exodus of those unable to withstand these energies.

“It is with the greatest respect and honor that frequencies of a greater nature attune to and assist those with open minds ready to communicate with previously unexperienced frequencies.”

Being what seems as a human I note that as mentioned throughout the Lightworker’s Log Book Series there are many instances of documented real-time experiences of solar bursts causing a bevy of signs when they occur, and then other body changes some time later when the human body assimilates them. Later publications such as

Book Of One : – ) Volume 6


Proficient Wisdom Scratching The Surface: Lightworker’s Log

are more useful for those aware of these occurrences. One will certainly find disclosurenews.it (an Italian website) with articles by knowledgeable Dr. Shavi also most helpful.
Remember, earth life and earth itself are mere blips in the BIGGER Picture!

Do yourself a favor and try not to get wrapped up in the drama, but be aware and move through each experience remembering that what we feed helps greatly to continue its existence! I AM THAT of which it is, Perfect, Whole and Free, assimilating these frequencies with Joy and Ease! I AM Blessed by Source Light! Many more affirmations throughut the book series and especially

Book Of One : – ) Volume 4.

Physical Form Recalibration

Enjoy this book excerpt from
Proficient Wisdom Scratching the Surface

“Physical form recalibration continues to take place as the human template receives and transmits, while amassing greater quantities of Light lost through eons of travel within various form and formless states to experience and express in multiple ways. This recalibration of the physical form continues at an accelerated rate for those willing to withstand the gross disruptions in lifestyle and non-physical progression in a world that is ever-changing. Physical calibrations take place within …  … the pineal and pituitary glands, making it possible to … exploration of lower states of consciousness.
“As this recalibration continues at accelerated rates, those wishing to undergo this process in a more fluid manner may become aware of varied times throughout the day and night when sleep disruptions occur. These disruptions, causing necessary lapses in brain matter, which accommodates physical form progression and formation, rapidly change.
“Know that as these what many refer to as ‘Cosmic energies’ continue to enter within earth’s atmosphere affecting physical forms, physical body recalibration … …  Light-based crystalline form at later stages in the recalibration process.
“Those wishing to withstand this recalibration must know, many changes are required within not only the physical form but the beliefs and thought systems before commencing on this path. As…
“Aspects of consciousness within galactic systems, having experienced non-physical forms, continue to guide those willing to open their minds to greater possibilities and experience. It is with … .”

~ ~ ~ ~

Find the full communication along with author’s experience of pineal gland activation in Proficient Wisdom Scratching the Surface
Many more communications and what seems as ‘me’ experiences (Author’s Experiences) are noted in the Book Of One :- ) Series. Remember, there is much happening that cannot be explained, nor ignored, so continue to focus on the BIGGER picture! Stay hydrated with good quality SPRING water, if you can get it, rest as needed, and eat wholesome organic foods. Consider, and play your role with intention for the highest good of ALL.
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