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Employing Theosophical Concepts

Employing theosophical concepts is as simple as moving through earth life to tap into many dimensions of consciousness, sometimes simultaneously. This example of moving through several months of bedlam in broken systems shows how it’s done and offers some valuable teachings. Those who arrived here by following the link on The Theosophical Society in Miami website need know that this is a shared personal experience and it does not necessarily reflect the views nor positions of the Deerfield Beach Branch where it was presented or The Theosophical Society Of America.

There were many gifts gained from this experience. Two were those of alerting people working within broken systems of current inadequacies, and learning of the many beautiful humans well aware of this while remaining within its confines to assist other people in the best way possible.

Download by right-clicking on link http://lightworkerslog.com/video/2024/TS-Helps-To-Deal-With-Bedlam.mp4 and “Save Link As”

Support your Self or a loved one by purchasing an inspiring bedside companion. Remember, a physical book in your hand cannot be erased digitally and is easier on the eyes and soul than gadgets. Many multidimensional experiences are documented throughout the “Lightworker’s Log Book Series”.
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