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Earth Angels

As a + i continues to gain knowledge of human behavior and now stop real humans from sharing information on social media the need to come together in communities OFF line and to frequent private websites instead of social media outlets increases exponentially. No type of man-made creation will ever surpass the ability of a soul expressing and experiencing as a HU-man. This is because it does not, and never will, possess an organic soul spark, which is gifted to each human at birth.

Please remember, we are each a piece of the matrix puzzle all here to share our unique gifts. Possibilities open each time we meet and when comparing notes with similar minds we boost the frequency of everything and everyone. In these times of gross distortion it’s always advantageous to look around and see the Angels in our midst. They are the ones who tirelessly strive to make life better for those nearby in a wide variety of ways. Some merely take the time to smile and look into the eyes of a stranger, while others may clear neighborhood garbage or share food or flowers from a store where they work rather than throwing them away as ordered by restrictions. Some angels may drive neighbors to the store to buy food while others may merely take the time to pay it forward by purchasing a meal for someone in the pick-up line behind them. There are countless angels in our midst and we need only take the time to look around and acknowledge them.

Consider and play your role with intention for the highest good of ALL, and know you too, in your own unique way are an Angel on earth. More examples of earth Angels are in the mini ninety-nine cent e-book Earth Angels.

This website article birthed after months of taking a look around the HUD-sponsored senior community in which I live. There are so many angels here of all sorts of types like the woman who drives neighbors without transportation to the store in all kinds of weather at all times of daylight, and the man who delivers groceries or shares outdated flowers to many people from the flower store where he works. Unlike the many, many ‘health aides’ (all now working since the last attempt to remove humanity’s god-spark), the other earth angels, to my knowledge, are not paid to do these things but do them out of the kindness of their hearts. They may get donations or gas money but definitely not a wage from the sick care system. And then there are those few neighbors like myself who hold the light here, some even teach a non-sponsored (some classes are sponsored by agencies with the intention to boost their client population) weekly meditation or yoga class. Yes, Angels are real and they are right here on earth for everyone to see! Take a good look around and spot those who make a positive difference. Thank them and be grateful to also play your unique role as part of the matrix in which we live. We got this; it’s why we came during this momentous time, to turn the tide into an upward spiral instead of a manipulated roller coaster ride of separation.

The Lightworker’s Log Book Series holds a plethora of valuable insights into life on earth, channeled messages, the Author’s Experiences of higher realms and moving between dimensions, ascension tools, information on Light Activation symptoms, affirmations, and conscious living tips to move through daily life.

When coming into form we as souls looked forward to a roller coaster ride of delight and woe, of abundance and lack, of sorrow and joy. But now that roller coaster ride has lost its glamour and we are now returning to the unity of which we truly are now having experienced and expressed in all ways and forms.

Let this not be cause for concern or worry. Know that as a human still upon the face of the earth you are here to make a positive difference no matter how large or small, it makes no difference. We are all still here in human form until our unique energy finally dissipates after serving our own soul needs and growth. Take care in days ahead. Prepare for disruptions, and know, you got this and are much more POWERFUL than you could ever imagine!

Changing DNA Amid Chaos And Confusion

Enjoy this Book Of One : – ) Volume 6 excerpt!

The integration of DNA in the physical body is yet another aspect of international change. We, the White-Winged Consciousness of Nine, now ask that all remain open to this adjustment as wave upon wave of solar, lunar, and planetary energy continues to assist humanity with this process. The changing of human DNA is necessary, as many now know, to remain upon planet earth as she too changes what can be referred to as her own DNA. As this process continues to unfold within all upon earth, scores and scores of people who are not ready to remain shall continue to leave the earth’s atmosphere.

It is not, nor has it ever been, in the best interests of any higher realm frequency to manipulate DNA on any level, and yet, that is the attempt of lower frequencies within the earth’s atmosphere. Asking all to participate within an atmosphere of chaos and hysteria changes the DNA in yet another aspect made possible through the stress produced upon those confused individuals within the earth of humanity. Confusion yet fuels the stress creating further change within the DNA of those experiencing dilemma after dilemma. …

… throughout what may be referred to as the earth’s America. The knowledge of those in the upper echelons of the American hierarchy shall continue attempts to hone their skills of manipulation. And yet, these attempts shall continue to fail… elite group of manipulation only to recognize that that manipulation is gross misuse and abuse of human powers.

To all of humanity that now experience the chaos and confusion caused by the few remaining within the upper echelons of earth’s hierarchy, the knowledge of gross misuse and abuse of power is becoming known, and disregarding the consequences of this misuse and abuse of power is now spreading throughout the hierarchy. These coming …

Allow those that have come to earth as souls to experience the gross misuse and abuse of power have their experience, while many within the realm of humanity step back to wait….

The chaos and confusion shall lead all of humanity closer to the truth that ye are gods of physical matter experiencing what may be referred to as a roller coaster ride of discovery and delight in final recognition of truth on all levels.

It is with the greatest respect that …

Remember voids always fill. The process many of us are going through at this point in time is through sleep time, through dreams. We are revisiting, clearing, cleansing, and purging all memories of the past, to make room, to fill that void with the New Earth’s moments of Now. So allow yourself the time to sleep as much as possible, to move through this process… This cannot be stressed enough as we continue to move on this Mother Ship Earth spiraling further and further upwards to greater and greater states of consciousness.

Full communication with Author’s Notes in
Book Of One : – ) Volume 6!

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