In-Vision Co-Creation

A message from my very own more evolved Higher Self comes during heightened Cosmic activity coupled with a very strong rainstorm at three o’clock on Sunday morning.

“You now hold the power to co-create a world of your making. Use this power wisely, consciously projecting, affirming emotions, thoughts, words, and deeds into the fertile atmosphere in which humanity now lives. This atmosphere continues to change with an ever increasing propensity to move toward the Light of Oneness and Truth. All within this field of possibility hold the co-creation power within the very core of their very own beingness. As a human, and as a spirit in form and formless states throughout all time and space, know that as these times continue to unfold in a fury of emotional consciousness, releasing, cleansing, and purging to move forward in greater beingness, the power of co-creation lies within all individual, unique humans.

“It is but for a short time that humanity sits upon the precipice of yet another upward movement upon the evolutionary spiral. Know that as these days continue to unfold the power to co-create within a solid atmosphere of Oneness is yours.



My usual practice of dealing with storms unfolds upon repeatedly waking. I affirm that this storm will lessen and subsequently stop before it’s time to leave for today’s weekly class. Upon waking I’m guided to check email, which is something I very rarely do before Sunday classes. Lo, and behold there are several emails from someone over storm concerns, even to the point of phoning usual attendees without email to try and cancel class. Knowing the resonance between a Board member and myself I phone him and subsequently learn we are both affirming that the storm will stop before class. And so it does. Remember, not only do we hold the power to co-create but some of us are so powerful that we can override the propensities of other humans for the good of everyone.

Envision outcomes for the good of all involved with a full heart. Use the Seven Keys of emotion, thought, word, deed, reaction, response and neutrality to mold the life-affirming world in which you wish to live!

Make thoughts positive, focusing on a new world in which you’d like to live, rather than the opposite. Be aware that EVERY THOUGHT MAKES A DIFFERENCE IN MANIFESTING. Catch yourself when reacting to news reports, vocalizations, interactions with others and know, you alone hold the key to greatness not only for yourself but for the world as well!

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