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Separation AND Habits, Thoughts And Deeds

“In the coming days there will be many changes on your earth. These necessary changes will help all of humanity to move further toward the Oneness of which it truly is. These coming changes will assist humanity in coalescing (joining) with other realms. And in turn, these changes assist higher realms in returning to the true state of eternity for all is not as it was since the first human break from Oneness occurred.

“We are the White-Winged Consciousness of Nine here to assist all those humans who wish to move further toward the Oneness of all life.

“Beware of your habits, your thoughts, your deeds, and your propensity to move into separation. And be aware that this propensity is the tool that keeps you from evolving back to the True State of One. We are the White-Winged Consciousness of Nine here to help those of humanity who wish to become one with Life again. This true state of happiness will not occur as long as the human host sees separation.

“Humanity will be tested greatly in the days to come. Let this not dissuade you from knowing ‘ye are Gods of Matter’ on earth to finally, once and for all, return to the true state of Oneness, never to separate again.”

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“All is well as you incorporate greater aspects of each part of your figment, the figment of All That Is. As you incorporate these aspects, you shall experience greater periods of multidimensionality, more times spent in other parts of the illusion matrix. This is a necessary course of events for all aspects to coalesce before dissipating back to the grandness of All That Is. And yet, you know in the deep recesses of soul that even you are illusion. But as told throughout time, each figment, as you call yourself, must join with all others to return in entirety.”

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Moving Forward From Depression

“At one time, I found it difficult to manifest anything of value. It was then that I began the journey back to Wholeness by starting very, very small. I envisioned the joy of reaching the door and when that goal was met continued on to placing my hand upon the shining knob, turning it and opening the door to look outside. It took a week before I actually stepped out onto the porch but with each step into the neighborhood, I realized that reaching desires meant taking that first step into another reality.”

Find “Manifesting: Lightworker’s Log” through Create Space and gift your Self! Give the Gift of Increased Vibrational Rate to Yourself or Loved Ones and Balance Receiving and Giving While Supporting an Indie Author. Visit Lightworkers Log  to connect.

Website Building, Themes And WordPress Plugins

In the age of limited budgets, many people are now building websites using free open-source software such as WordPress. Due to customer demand, several of the websites I’ve created use the software and while it may seem somewhat easy to use, albeit time-consuming, there’s much to learn when designing a site. Today I’d like to offer a heads-up on WordPress Themes and PluginPlugins. This is a word of caution about installing purchased themes and free plugins for your WordPress website based on my own experience.

WordPress offers a plethora of themes for people to use. My advice is to go with the most commonly used free themes unless you are willing to offer developers input (meaning your valuable time) in helping them to fine-tune their purchased theme. Some developers are quick to sell themes before fully testing their value. It then becomes your choice as to whether you help them fine-tune their theme or deal with the glitches until enough people complain about them, forcing the developer to revise the theme before WordPress ends product support. Another consideration is worthy of noting. Theme revisions may not be as easy to accomplish because they might not show up when you log-in to WordPress. Sometimes the only way to update purchased themes is by waiting for developers to email you a link to the next revision. It is then necessary to download the file to your computer, unpack it and upload files via FTP to the appropriate WordPress folders.

Free WordPress plugins are abundant but beware; many developers are looking for ways to make money off of their design. While we all relate to making a living, after experiencing a very disheartening issue with malicious ads I can testify that allowing third parties access to other people’s websites is not the best way to run a business. User beware, it is vital to read all information before installing a plugin to avoid any miscommunication or issues with your website. Some plugins, such as sweetcaptcha, make money through deals with third parties that literally control outdated browsers. And let’s face it, not everyone updates their browser or runs a program such as Malwarebytes to detect and omit unwanted issues.

Remember, if you are not employing someone to build or update your website, it’s always best to read all documentation before using themes and plugins and to use the ones most employed by other website builders. Visit SAM I AM PROductions to discover your possibilities. Feel free to connect if you need website help.

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Internet Technology Helps With Humanity’s Ascension!

Unseen realms gifted humanity with Internet technology to connect, educate and re-member. Let us use this tool to promote Oneness and We Consciousness, by sharing our gifts and talents with the world.

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